Greg Meyerkord Interviewed-ish

Reader Nolen decided to harass/contact Greg Meyerkord , the guy whose name appears on the PSP flog domain registration….

Nolen: In the wake of your successful PSP site, I would like to interview you for a position in the Defense Dept. I think you could really teach those guys something.

Greg: I didn’t do the PSP site. I haven’t worked for Zipatoni in 6 years.

Nolen: Um hum.

Greg: What kind of response is that? “Um hum.”

Nolen: You should read this and then defend yourself in public if you are not involved. THOUSANDS are people are laughing at what has been attributed (at least in part) to you. read the article about PSP……and you.

Greg: Thank you for alerting me to I haven’t worked for Zipatoni in 6 years. After I left, they changed the contact info, however, they upgraded their account and must have screwed something up. I got this info from my friend who still works at Zip. I’m not really sure how I can go about defending myself on this matter. I think the PSP site is so goofy that it really doesn’t warrant the amount of energy that people are spending on it. Also, I’m a little surprised you would want to interview a “douchebag.”

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