No E.Coli in Green Onions, Make Up Your Mind.

According to the AP, “McLane Foodservice Inc., the distributor to the Taco Bell restaurants linked with an outbreak of E. coli, said Monday a site investigation by a New Jersey health agency found no evidence of improper storage or handling practices.”

“McLane said the investigation found no problems with the site’s food safety operations and that 15 product samples taken from McLane have preliminarily tested negative to E. coli.”

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Does this mean we get our damn onions back? Not that there are any Taco Bells in NYC for us to eat at anyway. We’re starting to forget what Taco Bell tastes like. We remember liking Fire Sauce.—MEGHANN MARCO

Taco Bell Distributor Passes Inspection [MSN Money]


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  1. mfergel says:

    Taco Bell sucks anyway. I much rather prefer Taco Johns but unfortunately, they are only located in the Midwest. I sure miss my Taco Bravo, Potato Ole’s and Taco Burger. :(

  2. Bobg says:

    I’m wondering if they’re searching in the wrong place. I was last in California about 10 years ago and I remember that the migrant workers rarely had sanitary facilities at the fields. Since they are paid by what they pick (piece work) they would go where ever they were when nature called/

  3. armishanks says:

    McLane used to be owned by Wal-Mart, but is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company.

  4. acambras says:

    No Taco Bell in NYC??? But I thought NYC was, as one reader put it, “the culinary center of America” (or something like that)! ;-)

  5. corporatedrone says:

    There are three taco bells in NYC! The best is by Union Square – the only one that hasn’t revisited me later… So sad that I know this, and feel compelled to share this important info…

  6. blankwave says:

    No Taco Bell in NY my ass! There are at least 5 Taco Bell’s in Manhattan that I can think of. You ever get below 14th Street? Brooklyn has loads as well.

  7. ADM says:

    There are plenty of Taco Bells in NYC, just none in Midtown (last I checked).

    Remember this guy?

  8. Meg Marco says:

    I live in Brooklyn! I never see Taco Bells here. Then again, I’m not really looking.

  9. Kluv says:

    You’ve gotta keep your eyes peeled for the combo-Bells. The one’s that are usually some form of a KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut mashup.

    And, when in doubt, use Google Maps for all you’re NYC Mexi-Melt needs.

  10. OnoSideboard says:

    When I lived in NYC 7 years ago I’d occassionally indulge in the taco/fried chicken value meal at the Taco Bell/KFC on 3rd Ave and 12th (or 11th?) St.

    Tacos and fried chicken are like, soul mates.

  11. Sudonum says:

    mfergel, there was an article on the ABC News web site yesterday that Taco John had a case of e-Coli break out as well. Are there no mexican fast food places that are safe to eat????

  12. Jory says:

    There are Taco Bells in Midtown as well, one of those combo-dealies on 8th Avenue and like 34th.

    Remember how the E. coli/green onion breakout put ChiChi’s under? My roommate in college was working for ChiChi’s at the time, his last paycheck bounced.

    I wonder what will become of Taco Bell?

  13. non-meat-stick says:

    I can assure you Taco Bell still tastes like ass in Minnesota