Holiday Savings: Alternative Gift Wrap

We hate buying wrapping paper. Hate. We even hate saving those gift bags, although that’s a nice way to save money and be lazy at the same time. DIY site Curbly has a list of ideas, some of which will save you money (newspaper) and some that won’t (aluminum foil).

Sunday Comics: This gift wrapping idea is an homage to the comic issue of McSweeney’s. Comics pages are a great way to wrap a present, and they’re a lot cheaper than store-bought wrapping paper featuring the same characters. But don’t stop at just the comics section of the newspaper. For your beloved meathead, think about the sports section. For your brother the CEO, how about the stocks? Where does it really end?

We like the idea of wrapping gifts with the comic pages. We don’t actually subscribe to any newspapers so, one year we wrapped all of our presents with the Chicago Reader. God, we’re cheap and lazy. Er, we mean, quirky and interesting.—MEGHANN MARCO

Store-bought gift wrapping? No way! [Curbly]

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