Is Sylvester Stallone Taking Over Your TV?

Well, this is totally impossible to confirm, but we just got a complaint from a reader saying that their DVR was recording Sylvester Stallone movies all on its own. They think this might be some sort of sly promotion tied into the new Rocky movie. Is this happening to anyone else, or do these people have a possessed DVR? They use Time/Warner Cable and live in New York. From Zak’s email:

    This past week, however, I was scanning through my DVR, minding my own business and trying to clean up old shows or things I’ve previously watched….and lo and behold, ‘Rocky’ was recorded on my DVR. Now, I never set my DVR to record Rocky nor would I—I just have no interest. So I delete it, mind my own business again and….what is this? ‘Demolition Man’ was recorded by my DVR. Well this is awfully peculiar now, isn’t it? I see a bit of a common thread here. Point is this: I don’t want to see Rocky and I don’t want to see any new Rocky movie and I certainly don’t want to see ANY other Sylvester Stallone movie. So why the hell is my DVR magically recording his films for me?

    Something’s fishy.

This sounds really unbelievable, but funny. Has this happened to anyone else? Is Sly taking over? Is this even possible? Oh, it was too funny not to post. ADRIAN! Gilmore Girls is on!—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Parttimesaint says:

    Sounds like B.S. to me. I’m also on Time Warner NYC and it hasn’t happened on my DVR. More likely it was a friend who pulled up a search for Stallone movies and set the box to record them. He should check his scheduled recordings to see if any other Stallone flicks are coming up.

  2. Charles Star says:

    Maybe a friend is playing a practical joke and gave some Sly movies very high ratings.

    Feel free to rag on Rocky XVII when it comes out (or on III through V for that matter) but the original Rocky is an amazing movie.

  3. BradC says:

    Certain DVRs have features to record everything starring a certain actor or directed by a certain director, I’d bet his DVR accidentally got set up to record the Italian Stallion.

  4. acutusnothus says:

    This rocky is an MGM production; shoots down any possible Warner Bros. shenanigans.

  5. joopiter says:

    I’ve noticed on my DVR (Cablevision issued) that sometimes things will be scheduled to record that neither I or my roommate had set. It will show up when I scroll through the channel guide – set recordings are in red. When I went to investigate it in my scheduled recording list, it showed something else at that time. So, for example, if I had set the DVR to record all new episodes of “Lost,” the scheduled recording list would sometimes show an episode of Lost scheduled to record on a Friday, yet when I went to that date and time in the channel guide, it was an entirely different program set to record. It seemed like some sort of crossed signal with whatever system is used by the DVR to determine new episodes – it’s only ever happened with the “record every new episode” function. And it’s never shown a preference for an actor or genre – that’s just damn funny, but I would suspect coincidental.

  6. mschlock says:

    Standard procedure in this situation is to blame the cat.

  7. blankwave says:

    I have Time Warner in NYC as well, and a month ago Bond movies started automatically queuing up. I thought it was a fluke, but that was right when Casino Royale was hitting wasn’t it? I’m the only person who touches my DVR, so it wasn’t a prank.

  8. Scapegoat says:

    For what its worth, I occasionally have issues with my Tivo recording things that I didn’t pick, but I have found out why.

    Tivo can be scheduled to record via the Tivo website.

    I sold my old Tivo to my parents when I got a new one. When they go to record stuff via the web, they don’t necessarily pick the correct device, so I get the shows they picked.

    Could be something similar, if its not a hoax.

  9. OnoSideboard says:

    I once moved into a new apartment that had one of those apartment-complex-cable-companies. The first digital cable box they set up scheduled pay-per-view porn for me every day. It wasn’t a DVR so nothing actually got recorded, but I’d come home from work, turn on the TV, and find a “reminder” that my Naked Nurses program was going to be on in five minutes, or that I had missed my Naughty Schoolgirls program at 7:00am.

    I thought it was funny until I set my VCR (yes I live in the dark ages) to record “24” one evening, got home, rewound the tape and found the entire screen for the entire one-hour show half-covered by a “reminder” from the cable box about a porn scheduled to start later that night.

    I called the cable company and tried to explain that my cable box was scheduling porn all on it’s own. They totally didn’t believe me and suggested my (non-existant) roommate was to blame, or that someone was breaking into my apartment (!!) to use my cable. The odd thing about that was that no one ever actually watched any porn–or at least I was never charged for any.

    Anyways, I finally convinced them to bring me a new cable box and never had a problem after that.

  10. Chris says:

    This happened to me, but it was all Donny Most movies.

  11. iameleveneight says:

    How could you not want to watch Demolition Man?

    Rob Schnieder, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, and SLY?! Look at all those talented actors!

    Ok yeah, I lied the movie sucks but its worth it to watch just to see Wesley Snipes shatter.

  12. iameleveneight says:

    Oh, and if you havent seen Rocky you’re missing out. That IS one of the greatest american movies right up there with Star Wars and the Godfather.

  13. Triteon says:

    The best part of Demolition Man is that lent yet another nickname to Dennis Rodman.
    Non-DVR owner here, but I thought one ability of TiVo was to automatically record “you might like” programs based on programs you actually wanted. You know– TiVo The Simpsons and get Family Guy automatically recorded. Maybe this is happening for Zak…did you record something like The Hurricane lately? Or is your DVR playing “6 degrees” after you recorded the Carl Weathers episodes of Arrested Development?