Is Sylvester Stallone Taking Over Your TV?

Well, this is totally impossible to confirm, but we just got a complaint from a reader saying that their DVR was recording Sylvester Stallone movies all on its own. They think this might be some sort of sly promotion tied into the new Rocky movie. Is this happening to anyone else, or do these people have a possessed DVR? They use Time/Warner Cable and live in New York. From Zak’s email:

    This past week, however, I was scanning through my DVR, minding my own business and trying to clean up old shows or things I’ve previously watched….and lo and behold, ‘Rocky’ was recorded on my DVR. Now, I never set my DVR to record Rocky nor would I—I just have no interest. So I delete it, mind my own business again and….what is this? ‘Demolition Man’ was recorded by my DVR. Well this is awfully peculiar now, isn’t it? I see a bit of a common thread here. Point is this: I don’t want to see Rocky and I don’t want to see any new Rocky movie and I certainly don’t want to see ANY other Sylvester Stallone movie. So why the hell is my DVR magically recording his films for me?

    Something’s fishy.

This sounds really unbelievable, but funny. Has this happened to anyone else? Is Sly taking over? Is this even possible? Oh, it was too funny not to post. ADRIAN! Gilmore Girls is on!—MEGHANN MARCO