Order A Christmas Tree Online

Forget trudging out to the woods or haggling with buck-toothed parking lot Christmas tree dealers, you can buy a tree online! The NYT mentioned these places in a recent article:


Safe and convenient, ease of delivery, plus guaranteed freshness. Some of those trees sold on the corner, who knows how long they’ve been sitting there. — BEN POPKEN

The Perfect Tree Awaits in the Field, or in the Computer [NYT]


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  1. acambras says:

    The Internet — making life easier for agoraphobes everywhere.

  2. potch says:

    A christmas tree is one of the simplest and accessible ways to support local agribusiness there is. Most places have nearby tree farms, and the quality of a fresh cut tree is unparalleled.

  3. factotum says:

    costco.com also sells trees online–for both members and non (who pay a 15% surcharge).

  4. con40dmitri says:

    wow that’s pretty ridiculous. I agree with potch, people need to support local and drive 2 minutes out of their way to keep the tradition going.