Police Called After Walmart Changes Mind About Selling Wii

Wii fans in Washington state queued up for the Wii at 10pm last night, only to be told they weren’t going on sale until eight this morning. A dispatch from the front lines:

RikOnTheGo: I am in line at the Everret, WA Wal-Mart. Repeated calls to them said they’d be on sale at midnight, and to be here by 10 PM.
RikOnTheGo: Now, at 10:41 PM, they’re saying they won’t be on sale until 8 AM!
RikOnTheGo: This is for the wii, btw.
RikOnTheGo: Police are now here.
RikOnTheGo: There’s some pretty irate customers.
RikOnTheGo: I am leaving now.
RikOnTheGo: Whee