Consumerist Goes to Best Buy

After looking at a variety of laptops on-line, we went to Best Buy to see some IRL, so we’d know what to order from whomever we decided to order from. This is a tactic we use often, because a picture of a laptop is not enough information for us. After wandering down to the crowded laptop section, we noticed that the small Toshiba laptop that we’d wanted to check out was not working. It appeared to be locked down by some sort of BestBuyWare. So, we broke our cardinal rule of shopping and asked for “help.”

“Excuse me? Is this locked down by Best Buy, or is there something wrong with it?”

Laptop Sales Guy:”We locked it down.”
Consumerist:”Can you unlock it so I can see the screen?”
LSG: “No, we don’t actually know how.”
Consumerist: “Ok, thanks, that’s all I needed to know.”
LSG:”Wait, why are you looking for a laptop?”
Consumerist: “Because I want to buy a laptop?”
LSG: “What will you be doing with the laptop?”
Consumerist: “Work.”

More inside.

At this point, we should have left, but we did not, because we are not rude. And it seemed rude to walk away mid-conversation, even if the conversation was with a Laptop Sales Guy. This was our mistake.

LSG: “What kind?”

We did not want to tell them the whole story of our life, so we picked something that we liked to do.

Consumerist: “Video editing.”
LSG:”You should buy a mac.”
Consumerist:”No, thank you. I already know what I need, and I already have a mac.”

LSG:(patronizing tone)”*I* use mac for video editing. I can’t believe you’d use anything else.”
Consumerist: “I don’t really want to debate mac/pc with you, I just want to see the quality of this screen on this laptop.”
LSG: “Macs have great screens.”

At this point we panicked and may have ran. We do not remember. We did find ourselves at another Best Buy a few minutes later, looking at a fully functioning version of the laptop we wanted to see. Fortunately, all Laptop Sales Guys and Geek Squad Guys were busy hitting on one of their coworkers, and let us alone to click in peace.—MEGHANN MARCO