Consumerist Turns 1 and 1/12

We weren’t paying attention and then we realized, happy one and one-twelfth birthday to us! One year, one month and 8 days, ago, The Consumerist made its first post.

Since that time, we’ve gone after many of America’s largest companies, and even some of the smallest.

Traffic rose from 200,000 page views to last month’s record high of 1.4 million. We appeared on Nightline, 20/20 and national public radio. The New York Times name dropped us upon occasion. Walmart tried to court us. Cingular’s lawyers ordered us to take down internal documents. We refused and went on to report how they were canceling accounts of less-profitable customers.

The two founding editors left, replaced by younger, deadlier versions.

We broke Vincent Ferrari’s call, and posted an exclusive complete scan of the AOL retention manual.

Recently, we uncovered McDonald’s flogs, did on-the-scene reporting of Black Friday, and got a reader’s iPod back after 7 months in the shop.

Much of this is thanks to you, our readers. Your steady stream of tips, comments, and support, has made this site what it is today: a resource, a community, and a weapon in the hands of the consumer.

That was year one (and one-twelfth). Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet. — BEN POPKEN