99 Dreams Subject To Availability

Snip from the Stay Free! blog:


    Dreams has long been my favorite 99-cent store. It is the kind of realist thinking that allows people to feel good about themselves. Why reach for the stars when you can reach for an offbrand 59-watt light bulb?

    But there is no such thing as a free lunch, even in 99



On Sale. Or Not. [Stay Free Daily!]


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  1. LSK says:

    I’ll take “or less”, thank you.

  2. Tonguetied says:

    Yeah, you have to watch out for some of those stores. I was in one a year or so back where the owner/manager was constantly saying, “Yes it’s only a dollar.” and I sympathized with her sharing that it must be frustrating to have to keep up the mantra. Unfortunately that’s the fault of all the other ‘fake’ dollar stores that have big $0.99 or $1.00 signs with “and up” in small print tucked away so it’s hard to see…