TSA’s Multimillion Dollar Ion Sniffer Is “Out Of Order”

A sign on this multi-million dollar terrorism sniffing device reads, “Out of Order.” Spotted this morning in Charlotte’s airport. From the Smith’s website:

    “The IONSCAN

    SENTINEL II Contraband Detection Portal has been designed specifically to meet the challenge of screening people for trace amounts of explosives or narcotics in a timely fashion, and without coming into contact with them.

    Only the SENTINEL offers true head-to-toe screening. Gentle puffs of air dislodge any particles trapped on the body, hair, clothing and shoes. These particles are then directed into the instrument for analysis.


    technology combined with preconcentration technology developed by Sandia National Laboratories allows for the high throughput of screening up to 7 people per minute.

    Trace amounts of more than 40 substances are detected and identified in seconds.”

Oh yeah, and did we mention it’s out of order? — BEN POPKEN