2006 Lemon Awards For Bad Banking

CreditCard.org has leaked their nominees for the 2006 Lemon Award, dedicated to rewarding outstanding performance in the field of bad banking.

Washington Mutual gets a lemon for taking first time late-payers to an interest rate over 31.9%.
VistaPrint.com, purveyor of “free business cards,” gets a lemon for selling your credit card info to 3rd party companies that run up unauthorized charges

Interestingly, AnnualCreditReport.com gets a lemon. CreditCard.org doesn’t like that credit report agencies lures traffic from the official government site into their needless pay services.

Meh. We used AnnualCreditReport without incident and were somehow able to muster the willpower to never remove our credit card from our wallet. — BEN POPKEN

Bad Banking Has its Own Annual Award [Advance Press Release]

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