Park Some Cash In These High Yielding Accounts

Bank Deals blog released their latest roundup of accounts and interest rates. Here’s the highest yielding for each category. Be sure to check out the bank’s policies before opening an account, especially as some of these institutions are not exactly name-brand. — BEN POPKEN

Savings Accountt: E-LOAN – 5.50% ($5K min), info

3-Month Certificate of Deposit: EverBank – 6.01% ($1.5K min), checking account promo, info

7 Month Certificates of Deposit: NASA FCU – 5.80% (7 months) (min $15K), info

9-Month Certificate of Deposit: Patelco Credit Union – 5.75% ($1K min) (8 months), not NCUA insured, info

12-Month Certificate of Deposit: GTE FCU – 5.64% (min $500) (add-on feature) info

18-Month Certificate of Deposit: Mutual Bank – 5.40% (min $5K) info

36-Month Certificate of Deposit: Mutual Bank – 5.60% (min $5K) info

48-Month Certificate of Deposit: Fort Belvoir FCU – 5.59% (min $1K), info

60-Month Certificate of Deposit: Agriculture FCU – 6.00% (min $1K), info

Comprehensive list at Bank Deals.


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  1. thrillhouse says:

    also be sure to understand exactly what a Certificate of Deposit is, how they work, and how much they suck. Definately not a good place to put money.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    If you don’t need the liquidity, they’re fine.