Southwest Raises Fares $10

Southwest Airlines raised fares as much as $10 each way over the Thanksgiving weekend. This will be the 5th price hike this year for the discount carrier. Southwest faces rising fuel and labor costs that are only going to get worse.

“In addition, Southwest is renegotiating a contract with its pilots, which are the highest paid in the U.S. airline industry.” United Airlines matched the fare increase, naturally.—MEGHANN MARCO

Southwest Airlines raises fares by $10 [Reuters]


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  1. schvitzatura says:

    Enjoy the “ABC zones” SooWest cattle call boarding pass bumrush…for just one extra sawbuck!

    When can we get real tran-continental rail service restored in this third-world nation?

  2. schvitzatura says:

    Paying an extra sawbuck for the humiliation of the “ABC boarding pass” cattle call bumrush…hoo haa!

  3. Solo says:

    This is why consolidation is bad. Matching fares is quite like price fixing, only it’s not called like that, it’s called matching fares.

    – And what happens when US Airways buys Delta?
    – Pay the fare and shut up.

  4. Frank Grimes says:

    SW is also seeing its fantastic, timely, lucky bet on fuel hedges ending this year/now so expect more of these.

  5. dcndn says:

    southwest hasn’t been a deal for years, at least for trans-con flights. why pay more for 18 stops and the risk you’ll get a crap middle seat? they blow.

  6. ElizabethD says:

    I second the plea re: where the heck is our good cross-continental rail service. By good I do *not* mean: Must go hundreds of miles out of your way to make transfers.

    Some people (ahem) just do not like to fly. I won’t lie: I’m phobic about it. I would take a two-day rail trip over a four-hour flight ANY time. Also, for many non-business travelers, the train is simply a more pleasurable way to go.

  7. infinitysnake says:

    Hey, I recognize that scenery…