ShoppingPath: Eyeball Saving Comparison Shopping

Aiming for “total market transparency,” ShoppingPath plans to revolutionize online shopping visualization with a new model of product comparison tool that graphically groups products according to their price and features.

Shoppers can compare over 50 products within a category at once. Tweak any selection criterion and the results appear nearly instantly, without page refreshing.

The Y axis shows price. The X axis shows performance within a certain spec, such as battery life or resolution.

It sounds simple, but it’s light years ahead of the standard static list.

Currently in Alpha and Firefox only, Shopping Path has great potential, and welcomes user feedback.

ShoppingPath (Alpha) [Official Site]


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  1. zl9600 says:

    Only thing groovy about it is it’s employment of AJAX programming which doesn’t require pageloading (because, er, it does it all up front, which is sort of a ‘choose your pain’ approach).

    Otherwise, I found not one item has anything underneath it, I clicked on at least 20 things.

    Perhaps it’s Firefox PC only as I’m Firefox Mac…


  2. Plaid Rabbit says:

    It worked for iPods, but it crashed Firefox repeatedly when I tried to use it for something useful (I own an iPod but I’m thinking about buying a flat panel TV). It’s definitely Alpha stage, and barely there at that.

    It does look sweet, though, if they don’t suck the teat of Yahoo! Shopping only, which is what it looked like it was using. If they expand it to cover things like Froogle and the like, it would be amazing.

  3. bioleal says:

    Hi, this is Guilherme Leal, inventor and co-founder of

    Thanks Ben for supporting the Market Transparency cause. Thanks zl9600 and Plaid for straightforward feedbacks.

    Yes, this actual ShoppingPath is obviously an alpha, aimed to get feedback from the tech community. Yesterday, we released publicly the ShoppingPath model, and so far, the responses about the ShoppingPath model, have been very good.

    ShoppingPath-alpha is a baby that needs to grow up yet; literally the beginning (first model) of a new concept/technology. You can expect that our “Nano Start-up” will work hard to deliver monthly improvements, and this ShoppingPath tool will evolve quickly.

    Independent of what company/technology wins this Market Transparency Rush, at the end; consumers will be the ones that benefit the most.

    Cheers, Gui