Taco Bell Offers Lifetime Supply of Tacos for PS3

Do you like tacos more than playing video games? Well, you might want to consider this offer from Taco Bell: In exchange for your PS3, Taco Bell is willing to give you a lifetime supply of tacos (read, $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks). Can one human colon take that much Taco Bell? No man can say.

Taco Bell will donate the game machine to the Stanton Teen Center of the Boys & Girls Club.

“Interested PlayStation 3 owners should send their name, email and phone number to tacobellnews@tacobell.com. The first person to respond, based on the time the email is received, and then send their PlayStation 3 will be awarded the Taco Bell Bucks. Offer expires December 1, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. PST.”

Mmm. Tacos. Could this somehow be the work of Warren Widicus?—MEGHANN MARCO(Thanks, AcilletaM!)

Taco Bell Offers Lifetime Tacos for Playstation 3 [Junk Food Blog]
Press Release Source: Taco Bell Corp.Taco Bell(R) Offers Tacos for Life for PlayStation 3 [Yahoo]


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  1. Triteon says:

    Let’s see if these guys send in a smashed PS3.

  2. medalian1 says:

    DANG! I’d so do this, can sell the taco bucks for .50 on the dollar and make over $6k!

  3. Magister says:

    Wow, I would do that quickly.. If I had cared enough to already have bought a PS3.

    Me likey some Taco Bell

  4. The_Truth says:

    I love you Taco Bell!

  5. MeOhMy says:

    This is a trap. The more TB you eat, the sorter your lifespan becomes. You spent $600 on your PS3, but if you are lucky enough to die quickly you will have only gotten a few hundred dollars worth of food. If you are less lucky and live, your medical bills will cost far more than $12500.

    That said…if I had a PS3, I’d probaby donate it without a second thought and probably donate a sizable portion of the food as well.

  6. Ben says:

    Troy said what I was going to, that your lifetime supply of taco bell will not last you too long.

  7. Wet_Baloney says:

    I’m wondering…with a lifetime supply of TB tacos, how much more methane will be added to the atmosphere, thus contributing to depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, and the end of the human race?

    On the other hand, it could be worse — what if they were giving away a lifetime supply of bean burritos!