Be Prepared For Black Friday

Before embarking on America’s asinine adventure in mob consumerism this Friday, use the checklist inside to make sure you’re ready. We’ve got:

• Price Matching Policies
• Store Hours
• Easy shopping list compiler.
• Common sense advice you’ll smack yourself for forgetting
• And more.

The madness, the glory, the Black Friday checklist, inside…

  Print out store price matching policies : Many retailers offer price matching, which can cut down on the number of stops you need to make. Keep a copy of these guidelines on hand if a store employee gives you static.
Circuit City’s “Price Protection & Price Guarantee”
Best Buy’s Price Guarantee (price matching voids rebates!)
CompUSA’s Low Price Guarantee
Sears Price Matching Plus Policy
Staples’ Price-Match Policy

 Write down what you’re buying in advance : Bfads even offers you a shopping list feature for compiling your items.

 Keep a copy of the real-world Black Friday print circulars: If you’re pricematching, you’ll have a harder time wielding a computer printout.

 Know the Store Hours! : Find out which stores are running “Early Bird”, or “Door Buster” promotions, and when their Black Friday sales officially start. Check this list of Black Friday store opening hours.

  Reality Check : Research the web first to make sure going to the store is really a good deal.

 Read the fine print : Look out for asterisks,
rebates, or other hidden agendas impeding you from receiving the listed price.

Be sure to check out our post on the Best Black Friday deals, a nifty trick for skipping Black Friday lines, and surviving the wait outside the store. — BEN POPKEN