CompUSA Stays Open Thanksgiving Night

CompUSA announced plans to open from 9am to midnight on Thanksgiving night, giving it, and its customers, a jump on Black Friday.

Christmas Creep, indeed.

“The holidays are over commercialized as it is,” Joy Weaver, an ethics writer, said. “To take us away from our families and away from giving thanks just so they can make another dollar is wrong.”

Who says it has to be so divisive? Why not bring the whole family along for some quality shopping time. They can stand in line for you, fan out for deals, run and screen plays when dashing for the last $100 laptop. — BEN POPKEN

CompUSA to Reopen on Thanksgiving Night [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. surfacenoise says:

    I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no problem with stores being open on Thanksgiving Day. Not everyone has family to spend the day with, and quite frankly, many of us who do will need some sort of break by mid-day.

  2. hiphopnerd says:

    It’s 9 PM, Thanksgiving Night…and honestly, that’s not a bad idea.

  3. Ben says:

    “To take us away from our families and away from giving thanks just so they can make another dollar is wrong.”

    Tell that to the poor, poor unfortunate souls that will be filling not two but THREE pro football stadiums on Turkey Day.

    I’m just mad that they give all the liquor stores in Texas the day off. I always run out of SOMETHING (thanks to the family, for the most part) and have to wait until Friday.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    Well, they better not try it in Massachusetts. It’s against the law for most retailers to be open on Thanksgiving and Xmas. They kept having to shut down the primarily Chinese supermarkets last year.

  5. I forgot you guys were consumers, not retail.

    I have to work it. My wife has to work till 5pm. I work 8:30pm to midnight. I work 12:pm to 9pm the next day. I hope you consumers enjoy yourselves. My family won’t.

  6. I grew up with a father who worked 16-18 hour days, a stepmother who married just to get afather for her kids and resented that he had other children, one stepbrother I adored, a stepsister who hated my guts, a brother and a sister. Trust me when I say, I VOLUNTEERED to work holidays. I did anything I could to get out of my house, including applying for scholarships to colleges out of state, just to get as far away from my family as I possibly could. I love my brother and sister, but for some reason, we have very little contact with one another, now that we’re grown. And as much as I love my father, given he’s the only parent I’ve ever known, I’m also very much aware us children were never his first priority, the happiness of his girlfriend’s (growing up), or his wife) came first. Now that he’s divorced from his second wife, amazingly, it still comes before his children. Sadly her grandchildren come before his only biological grandchild. Thankfully my husband’s stepfamily more than makes up for that and taught me the true meaning of family.

    I used to hate family holidays and anything to do with them, now I love get togethers, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m sorry there will be those who will be working this holiday, but I sympathize, as I used to be one of them. I hope you find some time to spend with your loved ones, even if you celebrate it a day late.

  7. Frank Grimes says:

    Regardless if you didn’t mind working or your family blows, if you are open on Thanksgiving or Christmnas as a retailer you are essentially satying profits before employees. I was in a Starbucks that had a sign up saying that they will be open Thanksgiving 7a-9p “spreading cheer”. The sad thing is about 99% of management of these places will be home with their famalies.

  8. pr1nc3ss says:

    Retailers, or upper management, who open on Thanksgiving are nothing but selfish, greedy little pigs. You can be sure that all of the head honchos who make this decision will be at home, stuffing their fat faces with their plump stubby fingers, drinking way too much, and laughing at the poor people that they make work that day. I work in retail as a store manager and this is just despicable. I would quit a job before I had to work Thanksgiving. It’s bad enough that the only days stores are closed are Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Easter, by the way, is not always a closed day, as more and more retailers are opening. It’s a disgrace how the holidays have become about a “sale” and not about family. When will everyone wake up?? Just because some people don’t have a life shouldn’t mean that everyone else has to suffer! Opening up at 7am Black Friday should be enough, but it never is. Every year we find our holidays getting shorter and our hours getting longer. I realize that I made the decision to have a career in retail, but to make a few bucks off of the employees backs is terrible. It’s time to stop this already.

  9. pr1nc3ss says:

    This is a disgrace and you can bet the head honchos who make this decision are stuffing their piggy faces with their piggy fingers with their piggy families while their employees do all the work so they can make a few bucks. I am a store manager and I would quit if a company asked me to work Thanksgiving.
    Just because some people don’t have a life doesn’t mean everyone else should suffer.

  10. viriiman says:

    It’s a bad move, IMHO. I worked retail (like so many others) and my g/f currently works retail. She lives more then an hour from home (but within 2 hours away) and it’s a FIGHT for her to get time off around Thanksgiving and “black” Friday. If her retail store stayed open, there would be a good chance she wouldn’t be seeing her family. And for what? Another 8 hours of crappy pay? The ability to buy that $300 laptop (that’s going to break in three weeks) 24 hours earlier then anyplace else? Give me a break. Close your doors and let people at least have the choice to be with their families.

    I know that there are posts from people that don’t wish to be with their family on Thanksgiving for one reason or another, and that’s ok. But the whole point of the holiday is to be with people that you care about enjoying a meal all together, giving thanks for everything that you have. Everyone may have something different to be thankful for, but everyone has something. Some people just don’t want to try and find it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that there are some businesses that need to be open. However, most of them (at least in NJ) run on a “Sunday” schedule to allow people to get off of work early to (again) have the choice to be with family/friends for Thanksgiving dinner.


  11. phrygian says:

    I don’t care how crappy your family get-together is, it shouldn’t _require_ you to go shopping for catharsis. If you don’t like your family; don’t spend time with them. Don’t use it as an excuse for why retail stores should be open.

  12. yes, being open on holidays may or may not suck for the employees involved.

    but i seriously doubt the quoted ‘ethics writer’ works for compusa or any other place that will be open on thanksgiving- the quote is on behalf of the consumer. and that makes said ethics writer a moron. stores don’t force consumers to shop. if you don’t want to shop, then don’t shop.

  13. Bonn says:

    As for me, I’d like a full list of the retailers who encroached on Thanksgiving holiday. You can’t tell me there are masses of employees who didn’t want to be there.

    I got a job at a 7 Eleven in my younger days. The manager told me I would be working Thanksgiving like it or not. Stewing about it right up to the time I had to leave my family and knowing that SOB was under paying me I called in and told him he could have his job.

    How many employees are in the position where they couldn’t quit.

    This is a disgrace and if I can get a list of the retailers that opened on Thanksgiving I will be voting with my dollars this season. As of right now I will avoid Comp USA and Starbucks like the plague.

    I’m pissed.