Florida AG Investigates FreeCreditReport.com

The Florida Attorney General’s office has opened an investigation into FreeCreditReport.com for, “failure to adequately disclose negative option enrollment … deceptive advertising, misleading domain name, and failure to honor cancellations.”

FreeCreditReport is run by credit bureau Experian.

The investigation will also examine other Experian propetites, including Consumerinfo.com, Inc., Experian Consumer Direct; Qspace, Inc.; Iplace, Inc.; and the Web sites Consumerinfo.com; Creditexpert.com; and Creditmatters.com.

There is only place to get your annual credit report for free, AnnualCreditReport.com. Everything else is a scam or an attempt to deceive the consumer into paying for something they don’t need. — BEN POPKEN

FreeCreditReport.com Investigated [The Red Tape Chronicles] (Thanks to Scott!)

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