Why Net Neutrality Is Bad

Voluminous pixels are spilt in defense of Net Neutrality, the premise that ISP’s shouldn’t be allowed to throttle, toll-house, or block access to certain sites because the ISP finds it financially beneficial to do so (e.g. Verizon creates its own videosharing site and blocks YouTube).

Little is said on the ISP’s part, so in the interest of fairness, let us present several links explaining why Net Neutrality is the worst thing since moldy bread. — BEN POPKEN

Mike McCury: It’s important to upgrade the “creaky” internet.
Scott Cleland: Net Neutrality = Socialism
Hands Off The Internet: Grassroots anti-net neutrality group, except that it’s funded by telcos.
Don’t Regulate! Faux-amateur animation explains how Net Neutrality is a plot to replace network admins with fat cat bureaucrats.
Debunking Net Neutrality Myths: Telco-sponsored blog debunking the “myth” of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is a unicorn.
• National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s 30-second political style ad against Net Neutrality. While you’re there, visit the sidebar items under the heading, “Cable: A Great American Success Story.”

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