Gamestop Oversells PS3 Pre-Orders

Hey, did you pre-order a PS3 from Gamestop? Well, you should probably start making other plans because those assholes oversold their pre-orders (even though they took $100 deposits to secure them. ) From Gamespot:

“Last month, retailer GameStop began accepting “limited” preorders for the PlayStation 3, asking customers to put down $100 in advance for the system, with a modest expectation of eight units per store in most cases. Now it appears the largest gaming specialty chain in North America won’t be receiving even that many systems.”

Whoops! Pre-orders will be filled in the order they were received. Of course, GameStop is going to give those they left out in the cold something for their trouble, right? Yeah!

“GameStop will give those unfortunate customers (as well as unfortunate employees) a free used game or DVD valued at $19.99 or less when they eventually wind up purchasing the system.

A used game! For a new system!? Wow! That is stupid!— MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. schvitzatura says:

    GameStop gets to move moderately stale titles out of their remainder bins and GameStop gets a $100 interest-free loan, in return!

    Genius! Brilliant!

    Call your various state attorneys general and complain very loudly…maybe even get deep-pockets Sony involved in a class-action suit, along with GameStop…

    Sony is still paying off for exploding laptop batteries and crappy home theater unit complaints…straw meet camel’s back!

  2. Haplo9000 says:

    Not only are they giving out a used game for a new system, but at $20, there won’t even be any games available. Not for the PS3, at least. Until a ton of games have been sold and traded back, the “used” games are still going to be in the $40-$50 range. So, basically, what they are saying is “Sorry you had to wait for your PS3…now enjoy this pre-owned Gamecube game!”


  3. “Those who reserved a system won’t need to wait long to find out if they can expect a system on launch day. Starting tomorrow, customers who preordered a PS3 will be contacted personally by phone and updated on the status of their reservation, the rep said.”

    While this may just end up being a recorded message, anyone who doesn’t get a PS3 in the first system can probably scream at GameStop loud enough to get their money back. If they’re really that short on units, this is going to end up being a big customer service hassle for them.

    Also, I haven’t heard anything about packages with HDMI cables, which likely means ponying up extra for HD access.

    All told, if I were getting one, I’d try to get my money back and wait for the price drop (they dropped the 20 GB version price significantly in Japan before release, and while they didn’t follow suit here, it’s pretty much inevitable).

    It’s not like they’re going to have enough games available on launch anyway.

  4. Optimistic Prime says:

    Unfortunately GameStop NEVER guaranteed you’d get a PS3 on launch day, you were given a spot in line. Though I do agree it sucks…

  5. juri squared says:

    schvitzatura: Calling the AG won’t work. It was written plainly on the reciept and was told to every customer that a preorder does NOT guarantee a system on launch day.

    BowdenBowdenBowden: All anyone has to do is go to the store they preordered at and ask for their money back. This is the case with all preorders, not just the PS3.

    I’m working GameStop on launch day. Please don’t yell at me :(

  6. d0x says:

    Well they should be sued anyways for pissing off customers. Why couldnt they just wait to take orders until they knew for a fact how many they were getting?

    Why didnt they learn from the 360 launch? Which i might add lost them alot of customers, myself included.

  7. Meg Marco says:

    Agreed. Do not yell at the people who just work there. They did not do anything wrong.

  8. Triteon says:

    Points to jurijuri for placing yourself in the line of fire.

  9. ndavies says:

    Silly question, but isn’t the point of preordering that the company can look at the presale numbers and know how many units to stock their stores with ahead of time?

  10. mothra says:

    I work at an EB Games here in Texas. Honestly, the shortages aren’t our fault. Sony, at the last minute, decided to cut our (already modest) console allocation in half, from 8 to 4. Whereas the two Wal-marts here will be getting 23 and 17, and the Best Buy will be getting something like 30. As a result, all the employee pre-orders were canceled (sucks for me) so that we could fill actual customers’ pre-orders. Sony has hated Gamestop/EB Games for awhile, ever since we introduced buying and selling used games.
    As it stands, myself and my friends will be at Wal-mart and Best Buy around 6 in the morning to try and snag a few.

  11. misternovember says:

    hey guys, id love to be the angry consumer too, but Gamestop doesn’t decide how many PS3s or 360s or even Madden 200X they receive; the distributors do. I don’t work for them now but I did when 360 came out, and that fiasco wasn’t Gamestop’s fault, it was Microsoft’s – they told us we would receive X number of systems and then cut that in half 6 months later.

    Think about this logically; do you think Gamestop WANTS to not sell PS3s? do you think they ENJOY the flak they are going to get for this? So why is this Gamestop’s fault? Even Ms. Marco explains this to be because “the assholes” at Gamestop oversold, but does anyone logically think they did this on purpose? Customers can cancel the preorders, you realize that right?

    Of course, no one bothers to look at the facts, they just scream at the clerks who work in these stores as if they could do anything.

    and people wonder why the customer service is so bad!

  12. MeOhMy says:

    Whether it’s Gamestop’s fault or not, “We’re real sorry, but if you can find it in your hearts to overlook this and still buy from us, we’ll give you a nice a shiny nickel” really is a weak response. It would be less insulting to just be given the option to get your deposit back or wait.

  13. M.P. says:

    The customers really need to shut up and understand that GameStop can only do so much as far as shortages go. When they know, you will know. If you are mad, go get your money back. They were TOLD by SONY how many they were getting. No one was told they were guarateed a system on launch day. Everyone was not only told, but also received a letter explaining this fact. Done deal.