Gamestop Oversells PS3 Pre-Orders

Hey, did you pre-order a PS3 from Gamestop? Well, you should probably start making other plans because those assholes oversold their pre-orders (even though they took $100 deposits to secure them. ) From Gamespot:

“Last month, retailer GameStop began accepting “limited” preorders for the PlayStation 3, asking customers to put down $100 in advance for the system, with a modest expectation of eight units per store in most cases. Now it appears the largest gaming specialty chain in North America won’t be receiving even that many systems.”

Whoops! Pre-orders will be filled in the order they were received. Of course, GameStop is going to give those they left out in the cold something for their trouble, right? Yeah!

“GameStop will give those unfortunate customers (as well as unfortunate employees) a free used game or DVD valued at $19.99 or less when they eventually wind up purchasing the system.

A used game! For a new system!? Wow! That is stupid!— MEGHANN MARCO