After Internet Humiliation, Landlord Stops Harassing Reader

Doug was mad because Woodmont Real Estate was coming after him for rent he felt he didn’t owe. So he made a webpage complaining about the collection agents they sicced on him, along with a litany of the apartment complex’s shortcomings (hot dogs in the hot tub, windows that won’t open, etc).

After we posted his story, Woodmont Real Estate contacted Doug to say they would zero out the bill, on the following conditions:

• Remove his webpage
• Remove his negative comments from two online apartment review sites
• Make, “everything you wrote about us on the Internet,” disappear

Doug did the first two, but has no control over the last. Our post, “One Pearl Place Is A Shithole” is currently the seventh Google result for “One Pearl Place.”

Since the offer was made last Friday, the collection calls have ceased. “Kudos” to One Pearl Place for desisting from harassing the renter.

Internet infamy, working for you. — BEN POPKEN

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