Your Children Are Fat!

The CDC is saying that the “belly fat” of US Children has grown by over 65% since 1999 . Supposedly, Belly fat is more dangerous for health than overall weight gain, because there is a much closer link between visceral fat (the fat around your internal organs) and serious diseases.

From the study:

•In 1999 10.5% of children/teens had too much belly fat

•In 2004 17.4% of boys had too much belly fat

•In 2004 17.8% of girls had too much belly fat

We just love typing the words “belly fat.” Anyway, your children are fat. And it’s not just your children. Apparently, fat belly kids is a somewhat international phenomenon.

Hey, at least if everyone’s kid is the fat kid, teasing will be evenly distributed. We suggest limiting the amount of fast food your child eats to none, but hey, like that’s going to happen, right?

Belly Fat Of US Children Grew By Over 65% Since 1999 []


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  1. Best. Headline. Ever.

  2. VA_White says:

    Kids are fatter and kids’ clothes are bigger. Try shopping for a kid who is as big around as a pencil. Even the pants sized “slim” are enormous on him. I can’t imagine the size of the kid who can fill out those “slim” pants and still be considered slim. And in spite of how thin he is, he is far from underweight according to his pediatrician and the growth chart.

    If the trend toward bigger (okay, fatter) kids continues, my kid will fit into one leg of the “slim” pants pretty soon.

  3. eeebee says:

    My kids (unfortunately) eat fast food every day because their high school has open campus and they all go out for lunch. Neither one of them is fat, however, because they understand portion control and one is a two-sport athlete and one is a three-sport athlete. They get physical activity every day and they eat a reasonable amount of food. Our family of four went out to Arby’s and ordered 4 regular roast beef sandwiches, 1 large curly fries to split 4 ways and drinks for each of us. The girl taking our order called over the other cashier to look at us and said “I’ve never seen four people eat dinner for under $20.” The problem is not fast food in general, it is WAY TOO MUCH fast food.

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..My teenaged boy is like that. He needs adult-length, 6-year-old-waist pants. This is a kid who ate an entire 8-can case of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli in one night, as a snack. After a full-sized dinner with extra helpings of spinach and roast beef. I can’t keep this kid fed!