Your Children Are Fat!

The CDC is saying that the “belly fat” of US Children has grown by over 65% since 1999 . Supposedly, Belly fat is more dangerous for health than overall weight gain, because there is a much closer link between visceral fat (the fat around your internal organs) and serious diseases.

From the study:

•In 1999 10.5% of children/teens had too much belly fat

•In 2004 17.4% of boys had too much belly fat

•In 2004 17.8% of girls had too much belly fat

We just love typing the words “belly fat.” Anyway, your children are fat. And it’s not just your children. Apparently, fat belly kids is a somewhat international phenomenon.

Hey, at least if everyone’s kid is the fat kid, teasing will be evenly distributed. We suggest limiting the amount of fast food your child eats to none, but hey, like that’s going to happen, right?

Belly Fat Of US Children Grew By Over 65% Since 1999 []

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