Airlines Try $10+ Fare Hikes Again

The major airlines got their shit together and are attempting another price raise.

American: +$10
Continental: Soon
Delta: +$10
Northwest: Considering
US Airways: Soon
United: +$50

Unlike last week’s abortive fare hike, industry analysts say this hike is likely to stick. This time, the larger carriers will not raise fares on routes where they compete directly with low-cost carriers.


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  1. Citron says:

    How does it go from +$10 to +$50? God. Airlines.

  2. acambras says:

    Yeah, it seems that they’ve focused on raising fares in markets where there’s no competition from discount airlines. So if your airport only has flights from the major carriers, you’re screwed.

    I checked the current price on a JetBlue ticket I bought a week ago. That fare has gone up about $50 since last week, but it could be because it’s a Thanksgiving ticket.

  3. solmssen says:

    How is this not collusion?

  4. SexCpotatoes says:

    “because it’s a passing on of increased costs to customers in an attempt to return to raping them horribly– I mean profitability.” Nevermind if the prick CEOs weren’t making 12 million a year, they might be profitable without this b.s.