Top 10 Reasons To Hate Cingular

Consumerist reader Cody has put together a list of the best reasons to not do business with Cingular.

• They don’t honor contracts from the companies they’ve acquired. They have forced thousands of customers to purchase new equipment and pay new fees to join their network.
• They have a system of labelling customers by how profitable or unprofitable they are–and if you’re unprofitable, good luck getting any quality service, upgrades, or discounts.
• If you choose to leave the service because they are no longer providing it to you or any other issue where they have not held up their side of your contract (Cingular believes in one-sided contracts), they WILL try to charge you the $150 early-termination fee.

Cody uses some of our old posts to pack up his claims, so take a walk down memory lane with us, won’t you? Check out his list and feel free to add numbered reasons of your own in the comments.

10 Reasons NOT to Do Business With Cingular [Time for Some Thrilling Heroics]