Fabio Solders With The Geek Squad

Fabio solders with the Geek Squad! We almost burned our toast with our mind when we saw this on YouTube. But then it had already been removed. Stinkers.

The Geek Squad sure likes to do fun stuff, like pack as many employees as possible into a car, form human pyramids, laugh at their customers while overcharging them, smacking each other behind the counter with rulers, blue shirts smacking Geeks with magazines (guess no one likes ’em), crushing computers with cinder blocks, and doing the c-walk.

The Geek Squad has even managed to anger a gang of self-described fly chicks who also call themselves the Geek Squad. They dance, too.

With all this tomfoolery, it’s a wonder they have any time to accurately fix people’s computers at a good price. Oh wait, they don’t.