New ATM Increases Reader’s Likelihood Of Being Riddled With Bullets

Garth used to be able to jump out of his car and deposit his checks in under a minute. That changed when his Bank of America installed a new ATM.

Now he has to feed in each check, enter the check amount, and verify the check scan was correct. This process repeats for every check.

As the drive-up ATM is in an unseemly neighborhood, this lengthened process dramatically increases Garth’s likelihood of being riddled with bullets.

“Wow! I’m glad that Bank of America can shave off yet more customer service so they can improve the profit margins on their already ridiculous monthly fees,” writes Garth. ” Do they think that everybody lives in safe lollipop happy bank security land?”

Sounds like it’s time for Garth to find a new ATM, or a new bank.