Fix Stuck Pixels

We’re a little skeptical about it, but here are a few programs that claim to be able to fix stuck pixels and decrease plasma/LCD burn in. The basic idea is that the program will rejuvenate the pixels by turning them on and off 60 times a second. You can use it on your computer monitor, or hook up your computer to output to any device experiencing these malfunctions.

Has anyone tried these? Do they work?


We know we’d rather try to fix a small burn-in or stuck pixel than try to mail our zillion dollar plasma screen back to the manufacturer.

UPDATE: From Lifehacker (1/2/07) “Keep in mind the difference between a dead pixel and a stuck pixel: A stuck pixel will generally be fixed at red, green, blue, or any combination of those three colors; if a pixel is dead, it shows up as black, and fixing it requires another method altogether.”