Crazy Lady Spills Condoms All Over Aiport

Mellisa May attended an AIDS conference and stuffed her luggage to the brim with free condoms. Disaster struck at the airport, as she tells the New York Times.

I needed to change shoes at the airport, and so I grabbed the bag and opened it thoughtlessly.

The prophylactics popped out of my luggage. Dozens of condoms — green, pink, red, white, purple, ultrathin, ribbed and extra-strength — scattered across the terminal floor.

[The passenger next to me] gazed at me with a look of horror until I had picked every errant one off the floor and shoved them into my bags.

Oh, NYT! You’re so mannered!

Moral of the story: pack objects you rather others not see away from objects you need access to.

And You Think That You Worry About Your Bags Spilling Open [NYT]

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