Consumer Takes Sleazy Prius Salesman To Court

An update on the Weingolds who are suing a Prius salesman, claiming he screwed them over on a sale and then proceeded to leave threatening messages on their answering machine.

Angela Wiegold tells us that on October 19th 2006 there was another pre-trial hearing for the defendant Mr. James Gentile who entered a not guilty plea to the charge of a Class B criminal misdemeanor.

The State’s Attorney has ordered for a copy of Mr. Gentiles home and cell phone records. The Weinglod’s call log for April 2006 shows 5 calls in one day.

You can follow the outcome with this online app. Type in: GENTILE JAMES.

The Wiegold’s lawsuit against Mr. Gentile is on hold, pending the trial’s outcome.

The next court date is Dec 11th, 2006.

Backstory here.