Consumer Takes Sleazy Prius Salesman To Court

An update on the Weingolds who are suing a Prius salesman, claiming he screwed them over on a sale and then proceeded to leave threatening messages on their answering machine.

Angela Wiegold tells us that on October 19th 2006 there was another pre-trial hearing for the defendant Mr. James Gentile who entered a not guilty plea to the charge of a Class B criminal misdemeanor.

The State’s Attorney has ordered for a copy of Mr. Gentiles home and cell phone records. The Weinglod’s call log for April 2006 shows 5 calls in one day.

You can follow the outcome with this online app. Type in: GENTILE JAMES.

The Wiegold’s lawsuit against Mr. Gentile is on hold, pending the trial’s outcome.

The next court date is Dec 11th, 2006.

Backstory here.


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  1. bravo says:

    Well, none of the images at the backstory link:
    seem to work, so the backstory has some holes.

  2. GenXCub says:

    Am I the only one not to see that it’s the Jews vs. the Gentiles? I can’t wait for the next update.

  3. Triteon says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, I would like to see more headline photos of comely women washing cars!

  4. markweeble says:


    Sorry to put an abrupt end to the Jews vs. Gentiles. Last name is German there is no N people just like to add it. That is ok my last name has been slaughtered far worse.


  5. GenXCub says:

    It was spelled 2 different ways in the post above… one is Wiegold, and one was Weingold.

  6. markweeble says:


    Correct last name is Wiegold not Weingold..


  7. gertrudeyorkes says:

    Ho hum, I’m with bravo…can’t read the entire backstory. And it sounds so juicy!

  8. markweeble says:

    Just type in Toyota in the search bar there will be the complete story.

    Mark Wiegold

  9. rebekka says:

    um… that photo happens to be mine, that’s me on the photo, it (among a number of others) was created for an icelandic advertisement campaign for the Toyota Prius, i don’t appreciate my photos being taken and used this way without my permission. Please find anothed photo, either of a prius, or a sleazy prius salesman, and leave me out of this…

  10. rebekka says:

    Um.. excuse me, but that photo happens to be mine, that’s me ON the photo, TWICE, i created it for an icelandic Prius campaign, and i really don’t appreciate it being used in this way. Please find another photo to use, be it of a Prius or a sleazy Prius salesman, and leave me out of this.

  11. keane says:

    Goody goody. This was one of the guys I wanted to see go down in flames, hard.

  12. Antediluvian says:

    Just a reminder, about the original story: your Prius mileage will be LOWER than advertised if you drive mostly HIGHWAY. Much of the enhanced mileage happens when the driver brakes — so a Prius gets BETTER city mileage than highway mileage. People should realize this before they purchase one.

    Why don’t people research cars better before buying them?

  13. markweeble says:


    Just a REMINDER… This issue is no longer about the gas mileage.. It is about the FRAUD, and Harassing phone calls that Mr. Gentile has made to my wife for 4 months!


  14. rebekka says:

    and obviously i didnt mean to post pretty much the same message twice, but seeing as the picture is still up there, and my mail regarding this hasn’t been answered, twice wasn’t enough…

    the very least you could do is link back to where you got it from. I’m not amused.

  15. markweeble says:


    Chill out, it is just a picture! It is nothing against you.. My whole story is about the purchase of a prius,salesman committing fraud and making harassing phone calls to my wife. I don’t believe that the consumerist staff means any harm..

    Mark Wiegold

  16. Ben Popken says:

    Rebekka, my response must not have made it through. I have removed the picture from the post, but the changes aren’t syncing to the main page. I have dispatched tech to remove it from our cache, hopefully that will happen soon. Sorry for the delay.

  17. JCMAN says:

    Mark, I’ve been reading these posts, unfortunately It sounds like Mr Gentile made a bad decision with harassing phone calls. Is it worthy of a lawsuit, no, grow up, be a man if you werent looking for the almighty dollar and you were really offended about the comments he made about your wife, you would of confronted him man to man. I hope we never meet!!

  18. markweeble says:


    The Lawsuit is a worthly cause. Now confronting him man to man would have done no good. The best lesson that he will learn is that harassing people over the phone is a crime.

    We agree on one thing, I hope that we never meet!! Solving things with violence will only end with assult charges.