Pocket Guide To Using The Consumerist

How can I become a commenter?
How do I get a story on The Consumerist? Type it up and email to tips at consumerist.com. We can’t promise we will post it, but we will read it. Hint: If you have an epic story to tell, it helps if you write a one-sentence description of what it’s about at the top.
How do I submit audio or video? You can send us the file directly, or post it to a sharing site and tell us about it. We recommend YouTube for video, and Odeo for audio.
What are you guys all about?
How do you decide what stories to run?
I wanna be like AOL guy, how do I record phone calls?
You ran a story on such and such, how can I find it? There’s a handy search box at the top right of each page. Or you can type site:www.consumerist.com into Google along with what you’re looking for. See example.