Sprint Reps Continue Lying To Avoid Letting You Cancel

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Sprint's retention process has gotten almost as bad as AOL's.

Sprint’s retention process has gotten almost as bad as AOL’s.

James tried to cancel Sprint over the text message rate change. The rep told him no. The rep said there’s no more contract cancellations, as Sprint is returning the text message fees back to 10 cents from 15. James got the rep’s ID and hung up.

A few days later, when James called back and supplied the rep’s ID, Sprint told him there was no so person.

We just called Sprint and inquired about their per message text message rates. The rate remains at 15 cents.

Reminder, you only have 4 days left to cancel your contract due to the change in their Terms of Service. If you don’t want to wait at all, calling 1-888-567-5528 will connect you directly to a live operator.

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