HOWTO: Grocery Shop on the Cheap

Oftentimes, people will grocery shop hungry, forget the list wadded in their pocket, and grab whatever looks yummy. Once home, they realize they bought 16 rotisserie chickens, a box of Chex Mix and a 6 pack of Rolling Rock.

In the interest of protecting your wallet, and preventing scurvy, BankRate has got 20 tips for smarter supermarketing. Among them:

Shop Early and Alone: Friends convince you to buy more food, less crowded stores mean you’re done faster and buy less.
Start A Notebook: Most people only really make 20 things for dinner. Keep a notebook so you know what everything should cost–and whether that thing is a good buy at the time.
Buy Veggies in Season: Don’t buy red bell peppers in March. They’re like $800!

20 ways to save on groceries [BankRate]