Smart Sounding Financial Stuff We Wish We Understood Better

• How Vanguard makes it easy to open a simple IRA with direct rollover. This link assumes you 1) have a job 2) are vaguely conscious that your diluted Social Security bennies aren’t going to be enough to fund your Soma addiction in your sunset years.
• How to pick the best reward card. What would I like better in a few months, a toaster, or more beer money?
• Sign up for a BofA account and get a free iPod nano. The hidden cost is that BofA sucks.
• eLoan joins the high-yield online savings game with 5.5% interest. What are you getting on your brick and mortar bank savings now? 2%? 1? Point?


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  1. Vinny says:

    BOA most certainly does not suck.

  2. The_Truth says:

    Dammit, im already a BofA customer, why dont they do anything for existing customers!!

    I want a NANO!!!!

  3. AcilletaM says:

    Yeah, BOA sucks. Hard.

  4. FMF says:

    Ben — Take the cash! Is there really a choice between beer and a toaster?

  5. Even dealing with getting my Corporate Travel Card mailed to me was a hassle with BofA, and I work for them!

  6. I interned for them 10 years ago and nobody who worked there did their banking there because of the customer service.

    OTOH, Wells Fargo was worse at the time.

  7. To be fair, 10 years ago Bank of America was a very different company. The merger with Nations Bank changed quite a bit of the company.

  8. Funny, I have never had an issue with Wells Fargo. [knock on wood]

  9. synergy says:

    I switched to BoA from Chase two years ago. I’ve yet to have a problem with them. I do admit, though, that I can’t remember having to go to a teller much less needed a CSR for anything more complicated. They hang onto my pennies just fine for the week it takes to give it all to my debts! ;)