Reminder: Anyone Can Be A Commenter

Just a friendly reminder: every reader can and should become a Consumerist commenter. The bar to entry is just insanely low: have a somewhat sane point, don’t type in all capital letters, and follow the process below…

1) Find a post you want to comment on.
2) Type in a comment.
3) Enter the username you want.
4) Enter the password you want.
5) Click Submit
6) Confirm your password.
7) Enter your email address.

… and then a Gawker intern strapped to her desk will let you in!

If you don’t have a commenter account, sign up for one in this post by giving us suggestions about what you’d like us to discuss in the coming week.

Already got an account? You’re welcome to fill this post’s comments too.

Any companies worthy of our scrutiny? What about suggestions for how-to or useful items to be added to the Consumerist Kit? Criticisms or complaints about how the bozos in charge run things? All can go here.