Avoid Medical Bill Sickness

Staying in a hospital can feel like the song in Les Miserables where they charge you if the window sash is down, and charge you if it’s up. Luckily, FiveCentNickle’s got a good writeup on avoiding getting nicked and dimed on your medical expenses.

Tip #1: Negotiate — If you don’t have health insurance, as your doctor for a discount. Apparently only 13% of patients bother doing this but, when they do, the majority receive a discount.
Tip #4: Confirm that tests are necessary — In the interest of covering their butts, it’s possible that doctors will order unnecessary medical tests.
Tip #7: Watch for double billing — It’s not uncommon for hospitals to double bill for certain things. For example, they might charge a daily room rate as well as for sheets and pillows.

Basically, get everything itemized and question anything that seems out of sorts.

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