Ace Hardware Black Friday Ad Surfaces

The orgy of bargains and crazed pre-Christmas shopping, Black Friday, is only 38 days away.

The first sneak-peak ad has already shown up on the net, for Ace Hardware.

See the PDF here to know how much you can save on 2-in-1 adjustable bar stools and 88-piece ratchet sets.

Keep posted as more ads arise by watching sites like BlackFriday@GottaDeal, They all steal from one another and post the same shizzle anyhow.


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  1. Falconfire says:

    heh Im not even worried about Black Friday this year, for once I am done before Halloween.

  2. Ishmael says:

    Why are we subscribing to this “Black Friday” thing? I distinctly remember reading about Black Friday for the very first time last year, and joining a large internet chorus complaining about the media making up the term just so they would have something to write non-stories on.

    So what’s going to happen next year when Christmas is on a Tuesday? “Black Monday?” Will it change every year? Give me a break.

  3. Panhandler says:

    Ishmael – I missed the “large internet chorus” last year, but I am absolutely convinced that the rest of the world drank some crazy blue juice that made them all start using this phrase and acting like we’ve ALL been using it for decades. I first heard it on CNBC a couple of days before Crazy Shopping Friday (a/k/a “the day after Thanksgiving”), and within 24 hours it was everywhere, as if we’d all been using it all along. Stop the doublethink-machine; refuse to call it Black Friday!

  4. SpamFighterLoy says:

    Um, Ishmael, that’s the day after Thanksgiving, not the day before Christmas. And it’s called ‘Black Friday’ because it’s traditionally the day that retailers finally overcome annual costs to make a profit. Or at least that’s what it was decades ago — the day they go from red ink to black ink. The retail industry has been using it since before computers.

    And I’m a big Black Friday shopper. Although I do mostly exchanges on Friday. I buy the stuff as soon as I know it will go on sale, then pricematch at the customer service desk on the day.