With Vigorous Cane Shaking, America Responds To 20/20 Story

Of all the complaints that flooded our inbox following our 20/20 appearance, this is our favorite.

    “I’m a 60 year old woman. Every time FreeCreditReport is advertised on TV I wonder why no government agency is protecting the public from false advertising.

    Our generation knows what the words “freedom” and “free” mean. Every time this false advertising ad comes on, it taints words which we doddering elderly hold dear.

    This is clearly blatant, false advertising. I want to raise my cane and strike the TV. To be allowed to incorporate the word “Free” into a business title is misleading unless the product is, indeed, free.

    Since it seems that no government agency considers this a major concern of theirs, I pass this objection on to you.

    Perhaps you have an idea as to how the skids can be put on this company and any aspiring others without exhausting and time-consuming paperwork. It’s likely a violation of some government law.

    -A citizen”

We hate freecreditreport.com and its ilk. The only place to get a credit report for free, for reals, is annualcreditreport.com.

You can file your false advertising complaint with the FTC. Though, we suspect striking the tv with your cane would be more satisfying.

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