Dental Insurance Is A Blue Cross To Bear

Thanks to some lying dentists, Georgena’s toothache turned into a real pain in the ass.

Due to a broken crown, she visited a Blue Cross Dental Insurance provider, Arlington Dental Group in Riverside, CA. They told her she needed two crowns and a bridge. She repeatedly asked if the work was covered by the insurance. They repeatedly assured her it was..

Guess what? It wasn’t.

What happened next, and our advice, inside.

Arlington Dental Group billed her and then threatened to turn Georgena’s account over to a collections agency. Under protest, she paid up.

Months of paperwork filing later, Blue Cross denied her claim.

Writes Georgena, “Blue Cross protects their providers and heaven help the poor patient.”

We want to knock Arlington’s teeth out, but Georgena also gets a finger wag.

If you don’t agree with a bill, don’t pay it. You’ll never get your money back. You might want to check out our post on drafting a good complaint letter. Lawyers are helpful, too and they’re quite talented at writing threatening letters. Here’s our post on finding a consumer lawyer. And we need hardly mention the imperative of getting anyone’s expensive promise in writing.

Medical billing disputes are the worst but you certainly have a better chance if you enter a dispute process than not trying at all.

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