Text Message Packages Hamstring Sprint Cancellations

An important caveat for those trying to cancel their Sprint service over the recent rate hike: If you’re on a text message plan, where you get say 1000 message for $10 or 300 messages for $5, this trick may not work for you, at least not at first blush.

Overage on these plans will remain at $.10, so the rate increase would not affect you.

The thing to try then is to cancel the text message package on your plan!

Once you do that, the rate increase will affect you and you can cancel. Maybe. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but it seems like a plausible strategy.

We found about the exception because Sprint herself added a comment to one of our posts. That comment, lifted from the fray and presented in marquee glory, after the jump.

Sprint writes:

    “These changes do not affect customers who are on a text messaging plan. Our current text messaging plan offers remain at $5/300 msgs., $10/1000 msgs. and $15/unlimited msgs. Overage charges on these plans will also remain at $0.10.

    Some media have inaccurately reported that this change means any Sprint customer can cancel his or her contract without having to pay an early termination fee. This may be true for some customers who are adversely affected, but does not apply to everyone. Please see talking points for more specifics. PR is following up with the media who originally aired the inaccurate information, which they did without contacting Sprint, to correct them.

    RCR Wireless has updated their online story published yesterday to reflect the correct information. http://www.rcrnews.com/news.cms?newsId=27491″

Talking points? What are these talking points you speak of?

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