Sprint Retention Department Phone Numbers

Here’s two extra phone numbers that may help you if you’re trying to cancel Sprint.

1-888-211-4727 Retention
1-407-475-6982 Judy Rathcliffe, Retention Department Supervisor

UPDATE: Judy’s number no longer works.

Initially we were going to post different numbers we had found in a forum. Then, to be sure, we called them and sure enough, some of them had changed. And people say we don’t fact-check, pssh.

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  1. stash3630 says:

    New Retention Dept Number is:

    • CyrilGanjka says:

      @stash3630: Just confirming that this # still works as of 11/15/08. I just called after wasting an hour and a half talking to 5 phone reps and one extremely rude, combative manager. They immediately ask how many lines you’re calling to cancel.

  2. VandykeEscargot says:

    After 20 min of searching for the Sprint Retention #, 866-235-1185 is a working Retention Dept number (as of 10-3-08)

  3. Anonymous says:

    6/3/2009 – The 866.235.1185 is being answered by the Retention Dept, but they seem to be just as ineffective in offering any savings to long-term customers as the main number (*2).