Verizon Corporate Relations Gets Sexier

Verizon customer service just got a hell of a lot better.

“Hellloooooo….” the CSR on the other end sultrily breathes, her lips braising against the receiver like dew-dolloped petals. “Before I continue, I’m going to need your name, address, telephone number and credit card number, baby…”

“What!” you exclaim, outraged. “What possible reason could you have for requiring all that information?”

You hear a cooing sound on the other end of the line, a serpent-like slithering of a sensual tongue inside a fruit-ripe mouth. “Baby…” the CSR responds, “How else am I going to suck you off, today?”

In other words, Verizon recently transposed the number of one of their support lines for customers who had experienced a recent cable outage near Tampa, Florida with a hot phone sex line.

Mistake Leaves Verizon Red-Faced []