U-Haul Keel-Hauled Over Gas Charges

Everyone hates U-Haul lately. From booking appointments and then not honoring them to charging you for canceling bookings that you didn’t want, the company tops our long list of scummy corporations.

So we’re always happy to see someone bring the bastards to court. That lone avatar of a just cause? Leonard Aron, who bravely fights against U-Haul’s outrageous top-up fee, where they charge you for not filling the tank… even if you have. Class action lawsuit time.

Here’s an example sent to Consumer Affairs: “I used the truck for 20 miles … On the way to returning the truck I have filled up $9.37 worth of gas, which equates to more than 3 gallons of gas. When I returned the truck (the manager) claimed that I have not filled up the gas and charged me an extra $50 — $20 for gas (4 gallons at $5), and $30 service fee.”

Of course, U-Haul’s right to bilk you is in your contract, so it must be legal!

U-Haul Gets Hauled Into Court [Consumer Affairs]