Cingular Prude, Verizon — And Staff — Puts Out

Rick needed a replacement earbud gel on his Jabra Bluetooth headset. He’s a Cingular customer so he went into a Cingular store to buy one. They told him he would have to buy an entirely new headset.

This is a device currently selling for around $99.

Rick walked across the street to Verizon. There, they gave him FOUR gels for FREE.

Rick says he kinda looks like Zaf in the BBC show Spooks, pictured at top right. Looks slightly disgusted, like someone burned his crumpet. Well, thanks to Verizon, now he’ll be getting his biscuit buttered.

In addition to the free gels, he scored the cute girl behind the counter’s phone number and took her out for dinner on Saturday night.

“[Verizon] didn’t try to get me to break my contract with Cingular and port my number to them, they bent over backwards to give me good customer service, it was a wonderful experience,” says Rick.


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  1. ecpi84 says:

    Had almost the same experience, had a battery for my razr stop charging and was told by Cingular’s great customer service that it was under warranty and to take it to a store for a warranty exchange. Needless to say after going to all 3 of the local Cingular stores and them being out of them, I ended up going to a Tmobile and exchanging the battery with no questions asked.

  2. d0x says:

    I just switched to Verizon from Sprint/Nextel. I had enough with their customer service. My girlfriend called to cancel her service in August and they flat out wouldnt let her. Not its October and they have billed her for Sept useage (which is bs!), a shut off fee, a reactivation fee, and a contract cancelation.

    I had them as well by my contract just expired so I called them up and toldem where to stick it. The offered me a $400 phone free for another 2 year contract to which I said…well where to stick it.

    Switched to Verizon who so far has better customer service, better signal converage (i can get calls at home!) and better cheaper phones. I got me the brand spankin new KRZR for $200, 1 year contract and no activation fee!

    Go verizon, makes me glad I picked them.

  3. Falconfire says:

    FYI you could have bought those gels at any Target or Walmart as well as Radioshack.

  4. He says:

    To be fair, he probably got good service cause the girl wanted to bend over backwards for him. In private. For sex.

  5. MattyMatt says:

    That’s awesome. I had the same problem with a pair of Sony earbuds — the damn gel things are made to fall off, and you can’t get replacements anywhere since they’re some weird useless proprietary size. They are the UMD of earbuds.

  6. Wow…all that and Rick didn’t even need to name drop the Consumerist!

    But I have a feeling “He” was right…If the girl wasn’t interested in him, he wouldn’t have scored free earbuds.

  7. Oh, dude gets some serious bonus points for resolving a consumer issue by scoring a number.

    Aww yeah.

  8. To be fair, he probably got good service cause the girl wanted to bend over backwards for him. In private. For sex.

    if anyone needs me, i’ll be down at my local verizon branch. for as long as it takes.

  9. Beckie says:

    Just wait until cingular cancells you contract for using other companies towers like they did me. See how pissed you get then. And when you call customer service or visit the local store all they tell you is sorry, but the decision has already been made, there is nothing they can do. Then go buy you some new phones, because cingular locks their phones so they won’t work with other servers, and start over on you a new contract.
    Beckie in Alabama
    unhappy former cingular customer