You’re Driving The Grocery Cashier Insane

Mahmood is on the fast track out of his job as a Vons supermarket cashier and into a more fulfilling occupation, like professional reality TV contestant.

In the meantime, here’s whats going on inside his head as he watches you fumble to find your Vons club card.

Vons is a California based subsidiary of Safeway.


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  1. Dagonis says:

    I suppose I can sympathize with having to deal with dumb customers, but isn’t that what cashiers and so forth get paid to do?

  2. synergy says:

    I was laughing too hard at this! I’ve been where this guy apparently is – driven insane by retarded customers at the grocery store checkout!

  3. synergy says:

    Kevin T. – Most places get paid very little if not just minimum wage. I got paid a little more than minimum wage and it was way too little to put up with the retarded customers!

  4. iameleveneight says:

    This guy seriously needs to contemplate cutting off that dragon ball z haircut. It makes me want to punch him in the face.

  5. bluegus32 says:

    I don’t care what these people get paid. They have chosen a position where they have to deal with the public. That means that you don’t get to go off on someone, no matter how stupid you think they’re being. If he’s that annoyed, he can go find another job that does not involve public relations. Heck, he can ask Vons to move him to shipping, or stocking, or mopping the floors.

    And if he’s really THAT annoyed, then maybe he should get off of his butt and go find a job that fulfills him rather than spending his days being a condescending jerk.

  6. Xkeeper says:

    They have chosen a position where they have to deal with the public.

    Wrong. I know more than a few people who have no choice but to get a job at the first place they can find, and quite often this is it.

    Mabye you should stop jumping to conclusions.

  7. DAK says:

    I used to live in Southern California, which is about the only place you’ll find a godforsaken shithole like Vons. A few points:

    1) Yes, customers are stupid. Learn to read and get a better job.

    2) You look like a twat. People don’t sympathize with twats.

    3) If it’s so bad, get them out of the way by using a generic “Vons Card” that they keep near every register and that I’ve seen other cashiers use a thousand times over.

    This dude is a tard.

  8. DAK says:


    “Wrong. I know more than a few people who have no choice but to get a job at the first place they can find, and quite often this is it.”

    If he’s so desperate, perhaps he should be thankful he has a job that pays him far above fair market value and quit bitching. Grocery store workers in CA…and I assume much of the US…are unionized. He more than likely makes a minimum of $12/hr., if not considerably more, to do something that Home Depot and a few other retailers have figured out can be done by a machine: Check you out and count change.

  9. Sam Glover says:

    Just because you have to deal with it doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it. I think posting a YouTube video is a heckuva lot better way to get out some annoyance than to act that out in a store.

    Besides, I suppose there is an outside chance someone will see the video, recognize behavior similar to their own, and be more on the ball/considerate to the cashier next time.

  10. go, x!

    nobody in their right mind would choose to work a register for a living. they do it because for one reason or another (first job, irregular availability, etc.), they have to. and the businesses that employ them know that they have the upper hand as a result, and that there’s an endless supply of cannon fodder waiting in the wings if someone burns out. so they know they can pay them as little as they’re legally allowed, and no one’s going to put up a fight.

    people who work a register for a living have every right to be condescending jerks, because they spend every day having to deal with condescending jerks. and that’s in person, not just the ones who demean them in comments.

    as long as he’s not going off on people to their faces, he’s doing his job just fine.

  11. BruinEric says:

    That McDonald’s employees list about how she’s gonna ruin your food and how much she hates you? Not an acceptable outlet.

    This one — an acceptable outlet for frustration and a bit funny besides. Just as the cashier might get a teeny bit frustrated, those of us in line behind people not prepared to pay despite being in line to do that very thing often feel teh same.

  12. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    Someone has hair envy.

  13. AcidReign says:

    …..That’s the reason why my uneducated ass prefered to wash dishes (and later cook) rather than wait tables. This was funny! You’ve been behind about 6 of these customers at Sam’s Club on Friday afternoon. You know you have. You were wishing you had brough a cooler and a good, thick Harry Potter book with you. That, and a porta-pottie.

    …..I’d trade mine for that hair!

  14. Demingite says:

    An appreciable portion of the time, hassle, stupidity, and insanity all parties are facing would be removed if Vons had no “Vons club card.”

    Work at and/or patronize Stater Bros., Trader Joe’s, Publix, etc. They have no club cards.

    Club cards just do not have to be. Stop the insanity. Or some of it, at least.

  15. OnoSideboard says:

    Um, I think I just fell in love.

    Yeah, anyone taking a minimum wage service job should be prepared to deal with John Q. Public, but I don’t think there is a person on the planet who realizes just how unbelievably stupid John Q. Public is until they spend a few weeks behind a cash register.

    For the record, I think it should be mandatory that every person work in the service industry when they are young. Kind of like a draft, only more educational.

  16. Dagonis says:

    I don’t think that dealing with the public is really all that hard. I worked in a game store for two years, and now I work in the IT industry. I would take being berated by any angry mom who thinks I am trying to rip her off than having to fix a mission critical application that could cost a company large sums of money. Then again, the pay is much much better in white collar work.

  17. Mike_ says:

    Once Upon a Time (aka “The Good Ole’ Days”):
    (1) Customer unloads groceries onto conveyor belt
    (2) Clerk scans groceries
    (3) Bagger bags groceries, re-loads cart
    (4) Clerk reports total, requests payment
    (5) Customer hands credit card to clerk
    (6) Clerk scans card, hands back card and receipt
    (7) Customer signs receipt, has a nice day

    These Days:
    (1) Customer unloads groceries onto conveyor belt
    (2) Clerk scans groceries, loads into bags on spinner-thing
    (3) Customer re-loads groceries into shopping cart himself
    (4) Clerk reports total, requests payment
    (5) Customer specifies “Credit”, scans card himself
    (6) Clerk asks, “Credit or debit?”
    (7) Customer says “Credit” again, because clerk wasn’t listening before
    (8) Terminal prompts customer for PIN number
    (9) Confused customer says, “I don’t have a PIN”
    (10) Clerk says, “hit cancel” (because “cancel” means “credit”, stupid)
    (11) Customer signs scratched-up barely-functional electronic terminal
    (12) Clerk hands customer receipt
    (13) Customer glad to get that over with, leaves quickly

    This is what happens when Walmart enters the grocery business.

    I refuse to shop at stores that require a “club card” in order to qualify for a special price. The Kroger just around the corner from my home used to allow cashiers to swipe a “house card” if the customer asked. When they stopped doing that, I stopped shopping there. Meijer is a little farther away, but they don’t hassle me with idiotic club card programs.

    I am the least-patient person I know. I know exactly who this guy is talking about in this video, and for some reason, I always get stuck in line behind her. Sometimes she writes checks, which I thought went out of style years ago. She always takes 10 times longer than anyone else to complete her business with the grocery store. I hate her.

    On the other hand, this kid needs a major attitude adjustment. We’re sorry your job is so hard, pal. Maybe you’d prefer stocking shelves or mopping floors? Clearly, your fuse is a little too short for dealing with dim-witted customers.

  18. dwarf74 says:

    I have to wonder if the folks critical of this guy have worked in a crappy job like this one. Honestly, one of the only joys you can take from jobs like this is making fun of the customers behind their backs.

    I know when I worked on the phone, that’s how I blew off steam.

    Cashiers and the like are being paid to provide a specific purpose for the store and its customers. Part of that service is not “Having to take all the crap every customer gives them.” People in service industries are still people, and it angers me when customers take that for granted.

  19. medalian1 says:

    Ha yeah that was great. Man he had thick eyebrows! I deal with the public and can agree that they’re extremely friggin’ stupid. You constantly ask yourself, are people really that dumb? Yes.

  20. Smashville says:

    People who complain about this guy have never had a job where they deal with the public. Unlike the McDonald’s girl, he’s not complaining about doing his job, it’s entirely about stupid people…and I think posting a YouTube video instead of talking about it with employees around customers or where he works is probably the way to vent that hurts no one. Although he needs a haircut.

  21. AcilletaM says:

    …and to watch movies without Ben Stiller in them.

  22. ohnothimagain says:

    Come on, this is pure schtick. This guy, moderately talented, if far too full of himself to ever have worked at a cash register.

  23. bluegus32 says:

    First job: Paper route at age 12.
    Second job: Gas station attendant at 15.
    Third job: Car mechanic at 17.
    Fourth job: Dish washer at 18.
    Fifth job: Food server at 19.
    Sixth job: Cashier at 20.
    Seventh job: Secretary at 21.
    Eighth job: Waiter at a pancake house at 23.
    Now: Attorney

    I’ve done it all. I’ve worked with and for the public my entire life. I’ve dealt with insanely stupid people that, at times, have driven me absolutely batty. But I never stopped trying to better myself. You make your own path in life.

    If this guy doesn’t want to work with the public then there are PLENTY of other jobs available for him. I don’t want this idiot taking his angst out on me just because maybe I left my damn Vons Club card in the car. And the concept that this guy had “no choice” but to take this job is a load of nonsense. Anyone who really believes that is already a quitter.

    So I say either (1) learn to better yourself and go find something you enjoy more or (2) change your attitude. If you’re not willing to do either, then you’re just a loser.

  24. acambras says:

    What an obnoxious little shit.

    I agree with Bluegus — the guy should get a job he enjoys more or change his attitude.

    BTW, I too have worked quite a few miserable jobs in the service industry (both restaurant and retail).

    If anything, I feel bad for the people in line behind the customer (especially if I’m one of them) — I couldn’t care less if the cashier is kept waiting. Is he going someplace? He’s there for the rest of his shift anyway. That being said, I try to expedite the transaction as best I can in order to be considerate of the people in line behind me. And many cashiers try to do the same. But the cashier with the big fat ‘tude can go fuck himself.

  25. Blegh. He reminds me of Mike Boogie from Big Brother.

  26. A_B says:

    I want to live where the people criticizing the guy in the video (Mahmood) live. I would like to live in a place where, if I don’t like my job, I can easily transition to a job I’d “enjoy more.”

    I want to live in this magical place, and I’ll tell all my friends, and all the people that send in resumes that I reject about it too. Because, where I live (NYC), many, if not most people, don’t really have much choice. They work because they have to and they take the best of what’s available.

    And outside a hearty prescription of Xanax or other medication, a “change [in] attitude” just isn’t going to happen.

    I’ll tell all the Ivy League lawyers, and Wall Streeters that I know who hate their jobs that, hey folks, there’s this great place of available jobs you’re going to love!

    Hey Jim! You know how you enjoy writing, but hate working in the financial industry? There’s a magical place where there’s a job for you!

    Linda! Quit being a lawyer and go to the magical place where you can be a singer!

    I’ll also pass on bluegus32’s advice to all the Ivy League grads who want to work at my company, people who have for their entire lives, worked hard to better themselves, that the reason they are rejected is because they’re losers. If they’d only worked a little harder, they’d find the job of their dreams. It has nothing to do with the fact that there’s one position and 50 resumes and it’s basically it comes down to a flip of a coin to decide amongst qualified candidates. No. It’s because they are LOSERS. Nice.

    And if they end up in a less than ideal job, bluegus32 expects them to STFU and lead a miserable existence. …

    Is there a link to this post from some dumbass Ayn Rand fan page? Seriously. I’ve never seen such a clueless bunch lecturing some “will to power” bullshit to a young guy (high school?) working as a cashier.

  27. omicronpersei8 says:

    I worked as a grocery store cashier all through high school. My favorite way of getting rid of picky customers was to give them my own money or just pull it out of the cash drawer because the difference was nearly always under a dollar.

    Customer: “These were supposed to be 3/$1 and they rang up at $0.34 a piece.”
    Me (digging in my pocket): “Here’s a nickel. Have a nice day.
    Customer: “Oh, I don’t want to take your money.”
    Me: “It’s OK, I steal from the till.”
    Customer: Puzzled look

    I’ve had a lot of jobs and I’ve quit more than I’ve held for any length of time. I literally filled out 15 W-2’s one year. I guess we can only speak from experience but I’ve never worried about quitting job I didn’t like. I never had a problem getting a new job.

    The shortest job I ever held was data-entry. I was in a dank basement with no windows and just old buzzing flourescent lights. After 20 minutes of work I freaked out, told everyone in the office that this place was hell and that they’d be wise to join me as I leave and never return.

  28. IamTheKnight says:

    “The Irate Cashier”
    I hope that got your attention.. boy this video has sure caused a stir. I got an account with this site just so that I could post a comment or two, I mean if my video’s gonna be on here why not right? Anyway before I start to rant I appreciate ALL the comments and feedback even the not so nice and negative ones. Just to clarify I do not HATE my job although sometimes its a pain I’m glad that I have a job. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to help support my brother who’s been struck with anxiety and depression for almost two years and my mother who’s disabled because of an accident she had four years ago. Now I’m not saying these things to attain your sympathy but rather to make a point. The point being that I can not leave this job!! lol and that’s where you just GOTTA BE SYMPATHETIC! lol I’m just kidding. Life’s really not that bad after all I do live in Southern California and consider myself very lucky.
    I do not hate my customers in fact Ive been there long enough to have made friends out of the majority of our regular shoppers. I have one of the highest customer service scores in our store and district and have received recognition for this by being awarded a Customer Service Presidents Pin (its really not much but man is it SHINY!) lol…
    I also really like dealing with people HECK! I just love human beings in general and in my field I deal with so many of them and am able to observe the beautiful diversities from one person to the next. Some are a bit more beautiful than others…. lol also a joke. I only posted this video because I thought it would be a constructive way to let out a bit of the frustration that I deal with from time to time. Ive always wanted to make people laugh and have always wanted to be a comedian or actor although I’m not sure thats possible since DAK thinks I look like a Twat… please tell me you said that just out of anger… Do I really look like a twat??? lol.
    Anyway this comment has become far too long and I fear that no one will read it but if youve come this far I really appreciate it and hope no one was offended my video is not to be taken seriously and that is not what I think about all my shoppers. For anyone who enjoyed it I’m glad I got a laugh out of ya. Peace people and thanks again for your time.

  29. IamTheKnight says:

    @Mike_I always keep my composure I stay calm and do my best to help the customer complete the transaction no matter how many mistakes they make. After all I am paid by the hour so for me personally it really doesn’t make a difference how long the customer takes. I just HONESTLY feel bad for the person behind them or other not as experienced co-workers who have to deal with the same thing every day. In the end its not the employees who become irate but rather the customers who complain about something that is completely out of the clerks hands and then its the clerk who is reprimanded not the customer. Thanks for your feedback.

    P.S. I wouldn’t have any material to make a video like this if I didn’t have the job and know how to keep it.

  30. IamTheKnight says:

    @Kevin T.: yes… I am paid to deal with it but are you? I really couldn’t care less if the order took my entire shift. In fact I would love nothing more than to have four customers all day long two hours each… that way theres less of a chance for an error on my side and the customer as well. Unfortunately though we do quite a bit of business and no one likes waiting in line but hardly ever does the complaint get to the person at the head of the line but rather the blame is usually put on me. All that aside I hope you thought that the video was AT LEAST a bit humorous.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    have a spectacular day!

  31. IamTheKnight says:

    @synergy: lol thank you for taking the video exactly as it was meant to be taken. (lightly) Thanks for laughing glad you enjoyed it.

  32. IamTheKnight says:

    @iameleveneight: Punching a dragon ball Z character in the face would not be the brightest move on your part… unless you’re at this ridiculously high power level where you could just blow up a planet in that case… I’m sure I really wouldn’t have to much to retaliate with lol! thanks for the feedback!

  33. IamTheKnight says:

    @bluegus32: Thanks for calling me a jerk thats the funny thing about an opinion… thats all it is your own personal nearsighted take on things. Not trying to insult you but dont you think youre being just a bit ignorant I mean common! you dont even know me you have no clue no idea who I am and what Im like in or out of my work environment so please I know its hard to hold back that torrent of insults you have stored in your brain for moments just like this (when you see a video that you miss-interpreted and took too seriously)but do try to see that this video is nothing more than my attempt to make someone laugh, get views, honors, recognition in the youtube hall of fame?? lol etc. etc.
    Lighten up man
    and take care
    thanks for the feedback.

  34. IamTheKnight says:

    @DAK: I hope you don’t really think I look like a twat but then again if you’re a guy… who cares what you think about the way I look. If the way I look is all you were paying attention to then you missed a lot of potentially funny stuff. I didn’t make this video to gain anyones sympathy I just wanted to take something that is sometimes frustrating and turn it into entertainment for the masses. Ive always wanted to make people laugh and really honestly thats all I was aiming for with this video. And as for those “generic club cards” its company policy and they just recently reminded us of this that a customer is not allowed to use a blank card or even another customers card. I understand and have already acknowledged that this would be quick and easy solution but you have to realize if I am to do my job correctly then what you suggest is not an option. But what I do… do.. lol thats weird… anyway what I do is just wrap the card in the form that they’re supposed to fill out and give it to them. I suggest that they please fill it out and then return the form to the store and they can keep the card. Now I dont know how many of those forms have come back but its my way of finishing the transaction so that the next people in line don’t have to wait too long.
    Now if you’d like I could add that to my current video but… if you have any sense of humor at all you’d know that just wouldn’t be funny.
    Thanks for the feedback
    have a wonderful life!

  35. IamTheKnight says: