Get AT&T DSL Month-to-Month

In a move towards empowering consumer choice, AT&T DSL customers no longer have to be locked into 12 month contracts. AT&T now offers DSL on a month-to-month basis.

Customers currently under 12-month contract can switch to monthly without penalty, Ars Technica reports.

The new monthly price plans are as follows:

• Basic (768 Kbps downstream; 384 Kbps upstream) – $14.99 a month.
• Express (1.5 Mbps downstream; 384 Kbps upstream) – $19.99 a month.
• Pro (3.0 Mbps downstream; 512 Kbps upstream) – $24.99 a month.
• Elite 6.0 Mbps downstream; 768 Kbps upstream) – $34.99 a month.

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.


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  1. vannsant says:

    Wow. I had no idea any broadband service required a contract.

    That makes Time Warner look like a dream.

  2. lpranal says:

    Looks like that elite package is the same as what i’ve already got on roadrunner, but 10 bucks cheaper. hmm, do they still require a landline?

  3. orielbean says:

    Most of the DSL & satellite packages I’ve seen are year contracts, and most of the cable (data & tv) are month to month. I wonder if AT&T offers it in my area, I think I’m stuck w/ Verizon in Somerville, MA…

  4. jacques says:

    Yes, they still require a landline.

    And remember in regards to bandwidth, unlike cable it’s not shared, but it is limited by distance from the CO.

  5. shelo says:

    I am an existing AT&T high-speed customer. I called to get the lower rate and the CSR very nicely gave it to me without trying to upsell or anything. What a pleasant surprise!

  6. i’m a fan of sbc/at&t’s dsl. i signed up for a year and had no problems. i was worried about the ‘full price’ kicking in at the end of the year (which i couldn’t afford), but they had no problems with renewing the contract and extending the cheaper price. it’s likely that they do this all the time, but i wasn’t expecting it and it was a nice surprise.

    when i moved out of the area, the rep fed me some line about ‘pulling strings’ to waive the early termination fee (which their own terms said i wasn’t on the hook for), but aside from that they were good to me the whole time.

  7. AcidReign says:

    …..I wonder if they price like Bellsouth does. I’ve got 1.5 Mbps Fastaccess DSL Ultra service, and they advertise that it costs $32.95. Of course, when you actually pay the bill, it shows up as $46.89. They magically jump the price up to $42.95 on the bill, then add GOVERNMENT MANDATED taxes to that. So that cheap looking DSL results in a phone bill of about $95 bucks a month. Before you make any long-distance calls.

  8. juri squared says:

    lpranal: They do, in fact, require a landline. Which for us means that switching from cable/Vonage is not such a good deal after all.