Coinstar’s $2.49 Check Comes Through!

Sweet sweet resolution. Karen griped about Coinstar jacking her for $2.49, a Coinstar rep wrote in wanting to help, and now Karen sends this love note:

“Just letting you guys know that Coinstar came through with my $2.94 refund. A shiny new check was waiting for me in today’s mail “

We’re still taking our loose change to Commerce Bank, but hey, props to Coinstar.


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  1. No, we’re NOT doing that. This Royal ‘We’ thing has to go.

  2. homerjay says:

    You guys come up with the wackiest pictures. ;)

  3. viriiman says:

    Umm, I know I am taking my money to Commerce Bank. Anyone else?

  4. RandomHookup says:

    I was thinking “who is the whiny prick complaining about editorial style choices?”, but then I realized it was only Brownlee. This writer is not amused.

  5. Pelagius says:

    We use the Coinstar where we do our shopping because we don’t have a Commerzbank in our neighborhood. We are not amused…

  6. DeeJayQueue says:

    I drive on the turnpike every day. My change goes to paying the toll. It actually works out pretty transparently. Most of the time I never have to take out real money to pay the toll.

  7. Haw at Brownlee.

    Great resolution. Consumerist (and other organizations like it) is only the enemy of a company that makes it so. Companies that show up here have two choices: be jackasses, like Wal-Mart’s hired douchebag Krempasky, or be decent, like Coinstar, and fix the problem.

    Total, this entire affair probably cost Coinstar about $100 bucks. $3 for the check and postage, and $97 to pay a few people for the 15 minutes of decision making necessary to provide this resolution.

    What did that Benjamin buy them? A whole boatload of positive mentions for the brand, increased search engine visibility of them kicking ass, and god knows how many new customers as a result of both.

    Even if my napkin math is way off here, this outcome is a bargain at 10 times the price. Especially compared with a nationwide ad buy that would be quickly forgotten and never seen again after it ended. Legends of glory and douchebaggery live forever in the tubes of the internets.

  8. FromMoon says:

    I was eating cup-o-noodles for lunch, and spit them all over my desk when I hit this pic…

  9. We, have no snarky comment, for this post.

  10. mustang says:

    Did anyone else notice the dyslexic discrepancy in the amount of money Coinstar originally stole and then refunded?

    Sweet sweet resolution… for $2.49…
    came through with my $2.94 refund…