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  1. And let’s not forget: by edict of Consumerist’s Sinister Gawker Overlords, you’re off the team if your later comments end up sucking really bad.

    Or if you, say, talk smack about Brownlee’s mom. But you’ll be lynched by her adoring readership long before the official hammer can fall on you.

  2. jeblis says:

    Unfortunately a spell checker will not catch errors such as “trying to hard,” but it might catch rasiing.

    I like the idea. Seems like a good balance between full moderation and gobs of spam.

    Now if only we could prevent grammar Nazis…

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    Thiink that’s “trii-ing” too hard…

  4. JT says:

    Yeah well if you get a team of hyper-intelligent apes to spellcheck that would cut the error rate down.

  5. lorio says:

    You’re kidding, right? You want blog commenters to use spell checking?!?! It is to laugh. (++ points for allusion)

  6. itmustbeken says:

    Um..Hi, though I consider myself multi-talented, I have chosen to express my thoughts through a scene from the made-for-TV movie, Something The Lord Made. During this pivotal scene, Mrs. Saxon (played by Merrit Weaver) confronts her husband over a recent purchase….

    “You paid HOW MUCH FOR THIS!? Money is not shooting out our butts you know!?”


  7. ADM says:

    Is that before or after the pages “refres”?

    I do sort of feel like the rich kids are deciding who gets invited to the yacht club dance, but it’s better to act now before the comment space turns into Digg or YouTube, I guess.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    I choke on the irony that the post asking for spell-checked comments is itself rife with spelling errors. Just shows to go you that Gawker’s entry requirements might be high but once you’re in, it’s anarchy. And anarchy is fun.

  9. those two girls in the middle are clearly destined to work for wal-mart. look at ’em- they already hate you.

  10. Quippish says:

    While the boy on the left is going to grow up to be a PR executive. Notice the look he’s giving the the camera man. He’s trying to figure out how this impromptu photo is going to cause him trouble while finding a reason they have no right to take the photo. Once he learns to say words such as synergistically like they actually mean something he’s got his career locked down.

  11. cerulgalactus says:

    So, does that mean I have to provide cookies for the entire class again? Do you know how long it takes to bake cookies for the entire internet?

  12. Jesse in Japan says:

    In my day we had to walk fifteen miles through the snow to get a commentator login, and we liked it.

  13. What is this “word processing program” you speak of? Is it an AOL service?

  14. AcilletaM says:

    With great power comes great responsibility…and poor spelling.

  15. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Spealling is for nerds.

  16. Peggy Archer says:

    The two girls may be destined for Wal-Mart, but that kid in the striped shirt is a future cereal killer (take that, spell check!)

  17. Greg L says:

    Also, you might want to people that once you’re approved to comment on one Gawker site, you’re approved to comment on them all — or maybe you don’t and that’s part of the fun.

  18. If you do the cookies, cerulgalactus, I will bring the punch.

  19. GamerJunkdotNet says:

    While most of you would see this picture as a simple “Teacher aks the question and children raise their hands to answer the question” I see the truth behind the picture.

    The girl in the pink in the middle of the classroom has dealt a serious fart. While blonde to her right(your left) is pointing that she did it the other 2 girls are raising their hands to be dismissed from the class. The boy who you can see in the front of the class is actually thinking everyone is blaming him for the odor because he has soiled his pants due to the fact that he will be beat up later by the bully with the blonde disaster that he calls a haircut in the left of the class.

    I personally would have blamed it on the projector. See you later, alligator.

  20. screamingmeemi says:

    My experience with Alltel was to say the least, time-consuming. I was kept on the phone with customer service for 82 minutes, trying to get them to answer one question, “When, what date, were the new charges added to my account? Without even a response, I was passed to another customer service rep. Alltel had doubled my bill to $618.00 because I put a stop payment on an EFT withdrawal of 316.00. I got snotty intonation, one department telling me they could not fix the bill that it was obviously doubled, and the financial office telling me “just pay it”. I was treated abominably. Passed from one department and representative to another, after 82 minutes, a supervisor finally was able to remove a code and fix the bill. It was the nastiest, most disrespectful interaction I have ever had with a company. Trained in communication as a doctoral student in education, I know how to make myself understood. Alltel was not interested in my communication. When I finally reached a supervisor later, he told me it was not fraud if they “fixed it”.

  21. fritzthecat says:

    Forget the spell checker, what’s up with that haircut?

  22. MrsIraq says:

    I am the wife of a solider in Iraq,the insurance TriCare Prime is set where you can only go to the doctor that they have selected for you. So your family doctor may not continue to be your family doctor. If the chose is made for him to protect his country,why can’t his family choose any doctor to protect them.Let us enjoy our Freedom.

  23. lacdar says:

    I was an A-list customer of Direct TV – actually one of the first customers being around since ’95, yet I stayed on hold for more than 20 minutes before no one could assist me with a request for a future move. “You’ve already moved twice this year and the system won’t allow any additional moves.” No matter how many times I attempted to explain that I had moved only once, in January 2006, with some additional work in June, 2006 at the same address. “It’s in the system as 2 moves – sorry, nothing we can do” stated Direct TV. Forget the fact that I am the beloved A-list customer, one who has maximum television coverage, orders additional pay per view items, sports subscriptions, etc. After attempting to get my point across that I only moved once and that their system was in error and should be corrected, I finally got the name of the President of the company and I plan on using the name and address just after posting this message.

  24. DianeH says:

    Re: Chase Home Finance
    Since I am a senior citizen on disability and a partial shut-in, I enjoy the convenience of paying my bills by telephone. I am able to pay all of my bills (at no extra charge) using this method with the exception of my mortgage payment to Chase Home Finance . . . the fee is $12.00 (even though I have never made a late payment). I have written them numerous letters requesting that this fee be waived due to my disability, and have indicated that since they realize a considerable profit from my mortgage, that this method of payment should be accepted at no charge. They continue to refuse my request; therefore, I have requested that they sell my mortgage. However, they have indicated that mortgages are only sold in blocks. Chase Home Finance is a conglomerate with no concern for the consumer . . . only the bottom line!

  25. DianeH says:

    Re: Right To Privacy for Law-Abiding American Citizens
    I have recently won my fight with the Lee County Florida Tax Collector’s office about maintaining my home residence address in “Confidential Status” without the requirement of a court order. I explained to them that since I didn’t have to get a court order for an unlisted home telephone number, I should not have to get a court order for an “unlisted home residence address.” I further argued that I am a senior citizen on disability just trying to protect myself from possible identity theft, which I attribute primarily to the Freedom of Information Act.
    I also explained that just as I have to pay a small fee for my unlisted home telephone number, I would be willing to pay a fee to maintain my home residence address in “Confidential Status,” which is primarily reserved for law enforcement officials, celebrities, judges, lawyers, etc.
    The Lee County Florida Tax Collector’s office granted me my request without the need to hire a civil rights attorney. Protect your privacy, and challenge your own county’s “Confidential Status” statute.

  26. Seawasingle says:

    I would like to advise subscribers that although you choose a particular subscription period, no matter what that time period is, you are automatically renewed for the same time period once your subscription period ends. The ONLY way to actually stop the membership is to CANCEL it before your original time period expires. Who would a thunk it? Doesn’t three months mean three months anymore?????

  27. NISHI says:


  28. frcate76 says:

    I bought an expensive Netgear router for my computer at Best Buy. When it failed to work, I called Best Buy & they told me to call the Netgear customer support. I called Netgear customer support, but no one had told me they were located in India. I couldn’t understand what the customer support reps were saying & finally got transferred to a manager after several times of asking for one. Has anyone else reported this problem?

  29. jupa29 says:

    Ultimate Shopping Network takes your money, does not deliver what you order, bills you immediately and when you cancel out of disgust does not issue a credit. They have had my money since July 12th when original order was placed for a 14 kt. gold ring, It was to be delivered in 10 to 14 business days. I was billed and after 2 months of trying to get them to send me the ring finally cancelled the order on Sept 12th. As of this date I am still trying to get them to credit my charge card. I have been placed on hold for more than 30 minutes wating to speak to a customer service rep. On the rare occassion I did speak to somone promises were made that a credit will be issued in a day or two. The amount of the credit is $221.oo As of this date no satisfaction. Can you help me please

  30. barkgypsy says:

    In the beginning of September of 2006, I signed up for Three days later I cancelled. I e-mailed and called their 800 number in Renton, Wa. I was told that I would be cancelled that day. A month has gone by and I’m still a member on their website. I called again on October 14th and was told to hold as there were 5 calls ahead of me. I waited on hold for 1/2 hour when a recording came on again and told me they were closed on Saturday and to call back on Monday. What The Heck? This is beginning to look like I’m going to be stuck in limbo until they decide when to get around to me. HELP!

  31. Lowel says:

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but President Bush as we all know is worth a million laughs! Even though we all like to make jokes about The President, the one thing we would never do is make jokes about someone’s momma! Not even Brownlee’s mom, who by the way I hear is a real kick in the ass, and one hell of a partier!! Kudos’ Brownlee’s mom!

  32. Lowel says:

    Just put the wife to bed (lol), but seriously, I just put her to bed and decided to take a look at some of the comments on The Consumerist web site to see what others are saying. I am not grammar teacher, nor am I good with grammar in general, but hey I do know what a spell checker is! You do know what a spell check program is don’t you? Well don’t you? I guess not by what I am seeing and reading by some of you. In this electronic age it seems like to me that some of you are still living in the dinosaur age! Let me spell it out for you ~ S-P-E-L-L C-H-E-C-K-E-R! There you go! Still don’t know what that is (lol)? Not surprising if your one of us who toked one to many back in the day! I, just like many of you had to ask our children what the heck a spell checker is, and how to use one. When in doubt ask a kid, right? Right! So next time your having problems with spelling or your grammar is all screwed up, just ask a kid to break out that spell checker and show you how to use it!

  33. warpt1 says:

    Ultimate Shopping Network has evidently ripped me off for $1500. Impossible to get through to anyone. I called and left a voicemail message on the CEO’s voicemail and never heard back from him. I called the number for placing orders and they told me the average wait time for customer service was 2 hours. They don’t answer emails either. I ordered from them on DISH Network but they have disappeared from DISH. Time for the attorney general to get involved. I’m filing a fraud claim with my credit card company.

  34. iuubob says:

    Thank god, I already obtained the vaunted contributor status, it was a dream come true

  35. con40dmitri says:

    Tis my dream to be able to comment here. I think it’s a cool site along with very useful tips and info. I’d love to state my opinion or ask other readers questions… hopefully this makes the cut.

  36. chadrad says:

    As a small business owner, I am always looking for different forums to express the good, the bad and the ugly of today’s business world. After being referred by a couple of freinds to give a shot, I think this is the site for me. Finally someone who will not only listen but given the right criteria, they will help you start a medium for the small people to be heard. Kudos