Monday Morning Readers Round-Up

The Monday Morning Reader Round-Up is a great way for me to both nurse a hangover and help me make my Monday post quota. It’s the standard spiel: our biggest stories come from the anecdotes of our readers. We want you to send us your complaints, your links, your commendations, because this site is written by you more than it is by me and Ben. Then I give you the email address to write to: And then I round-up last week’s readers stories.

But this week, I just wanted to remind everyone exactly what kind of reader tips we’re looking for, when it comes to a personal experience you’ve had with a company. Because as we get more and more visitors, many people seem to be mistaking us for the Better Business Bureau, and that’s not what we’re about. The Consumerist is a snarky consumer affairs blog: it’s got to be interesting and entertaining to read to make it up on the site.

What we are interested in publishing is your story… not your complete email correspondence with a company. We want you to sum it up for us. Be angry! Be funny! Be yourself! But we don’t want to have to sort through twenty pages of forwarded correspondence to figure out your story for ourselves. Likewise, we don’t want to be copied on your correspondence with companies, and we don’t want to read your BBB complaint letters.

If we don’t want to read it, no one else is going to want to either. We never publish tips like this. Instead, we publish tips like these… after the jump, natch.

Road To Overdraft Hell Paved With Floats
National City Bank Loves Inexplicable Overdraft Fees
Ma Bell in Canada Scams for Internet
Live Nation Continues To Rock!
State Farm Lacks Persistence of Vision
Clark Howard Attacks Bank of America For Jailing Customer, Costs Millions
Drunk Naked Guy Storms Starbucks!
Self-Check Kiosks Pose Airline Safety Threat
Gamestop: “We’re Selling Counterfeit Games? Coooooool!”
Tip: Cancel Your Account To Get A Human
What’s A Girl Got To Do To Get An HMO To Help Her?
Life Takes Copyediting
T-Mobile Happy Endings!
Fido: The New Four Letter F-Word
Friendly Reminder: Rebates Are Scams
Wolfmother Won’t Rock, But Live Nation Will Refund
Staples Class Action Faux Pas
Bank of America Will Get Your C-Note Back
Happy Sunshine Fun-Time Magazine Customer Service Happiness
HSBC: Fee Sharks?
Verizon Virally Debates Net Neutrality Over Blogosphere
Hardee’s Unfazed By Water Cut-Off Lawyer Claims Only Sex Offenders Upset
The First (But Not Last!) AOL Search Records Lawsuit
Osama for Levitra
Women Like Skinny Models?
Unwittingly Deposit a Bounced Check, Go to Jail
Orbitz Misprices Tickets and Holds Your Credit Hostage
Taking Passwords to the Grave
Eat a Cockroach, Ride a Rollercoaster.
Bed, Bath and Beyond Will Let You Return, Like, Anything

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