Sony Recalls Practically Every Battery In The World

Dells exploding. Apples melting scrotums. Now Lenovos conflagrant. And it’s all apparently over pesky Sony batteries.

The good news is that Sony’s recalling practically all of their batteries, regardless of the manufacturer of the laptop itself. The bad news is that recall is still up to the discretion of the laptop manufacturers.

Strangely, it doesn’t appear that Sony is the bad guy in all of these exploding laptops, despite providing the small thermonuclear device installed into their bellies. Sony claims they can’t reproduce a laptop fire and they fault the laptop engineers for shoddy design. Given that most of the laptops exploding are Dells, we’re far more willing to give Sony the benefit of the doubt than usual.

Sony battery fiasco escalates [Financial Times]


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  1. Xkeeper says:

    I think it was shown that Dell’s shoddy design (placing the battery and the CPU next to eachother — the two biggest heat-producers) was just asking for problems.

    Sony batteries are bombs, yes, but Dell lights the fuse, basically.

  2. JohnP at Dell says:

    Dell’s product design does not contribute to the problem. The root cause is contamination in the manufacturing process of Sony’s early 2.4 amp-hour cell production. My company was among several PC makers to spot this problem and the first to proactively do something about it.

    And where is it said that most of the incidents involved Dell batteries? Even if it is true, fact is 3 out of every 5 notebooks sold worldwide is a Dell.

  3. jwissick says:

    Just as long as my laptop does not self-immolate while I am using it… Good for Sony. Another business does the right thing.